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    Windows sort order messed up??

    in File Explorer in a separate folder: create 22 folders and 23 txt files name each txt file with a single valid non-alphanumeric ascii character !#$%&(),.'-;@[]^_`{}~+= name each folder with a single valid non-alphanumeric ascii character '-!#$%&(),;@[]^_`{}~+= . is not valid for folders I...
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    RE adding a partition to HHD that has 4

    My HDD has 4 partitions. System reserved C: for OS D: for data E: for storage I want to make another partition so I shrunk E and went to create the new partition. I rcvd this message: The operation you selected will convert the selected basic disk(s) to dynamic disk(s). If you convert the...
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    Windows magic - I have no idea what else call this

    I am logged in as Bill (an admin user). I tried to create a new txt doc in an install folder far down under Program Files (x86). My only rt clk option is new folder. I opened another txt file in that folder with Ultraedit (my default editor) and saved it as NOTES.txt in that folder. Now I can...
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    USB device not recognized

    I have a few usb ports on this computer - 2 on the front panel r driven via the std usb connector and 2 r driven via the USB3 connector on the MB which provides USB2 & 3. When I plug a certain device into the std ports I get the device not recognized. When I plug it into the usb3 ports...
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    A problem executing an html form on website

    I ran across a problem with my DT - this works fine on my LT. on this page -- androidfilehost dot com/?fid=9390355257214632011 there is a Begin Download link in the middle of the page. It is constructed as a form. When I click on it in FF, Chrome, or IE nothing happens. The other pure links on...
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    SOME links on website pages won't open in ANY browser

    SOME links on website pages won't open in ANY browser. Firefox, Waterfox, Chrome, or IE. When I hover over the link nothing appears on the status bar. If I clk on it nothing happens. Other links on the webpage will work. They appear on status bar and open on clk. in particular...
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    Can't install some programs

    All my units run W7. I have an old ACT! 6 program which installs and works on all but one machine. When I try to install it on this machine I get the UAC then a 'working' orb for about 5-10 sec then nothing. I recently reinstalled W7 on this machine and have many programs installed. No error...
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    Printing issue

    I don't know where to ask this -- if there is a better place to post it let me know. I am having a problem printing CERTAIN files via Word, Wordpad, Excel, Outlook and Adobe Acrobat. W7 Network printer - set up the same on all computers - problem only on ONE system. Printing an email from...
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    Partitioning question

    I have a WD 500GB drive. I installed W7 - cloned from a 2TB drive that has 4 partitions (100MB, 78.03GB, 363.20GB, 1.39TB(logical)) with the first 3 partitions. I then extended the last partition with disk manager to 387.63 which was all the unallocated space left. So the 500GB drive = 100MB...
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    w7 has stopped searching in libraries

    when i try to search for something in a library folder, windows explorer does nothing. If I go to the actual folder search works fine. Libraries My Documents <-- WE will not run a search here, I type in search box and nothing happens Users myprofile My Documents <-- search works fine...
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    desktop.ini - what useful purpose?

    NEVER MIND - I GOT IT. THX I have yet to figure out what useful function the desktop.ini files perform. If I delete them or not I see no change in operation. Can someone enlighten me???????? thx
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    Mystery of the missing icons

    something happened the other day....... now all files and links related to PDF and WORD do not display the appropriate icon. I am sure it is a registry entry - anyone know which one(s)????????? The files and links open properly, they are just missing the pdf or word icon. thx
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    can only create folders

    I can't imagine that I never did this before, but today I wanted to create a TXT file under the WINDOWS folder and the only thing on the context menu was FOLDER. I get the same context menu for any folder under the windows folder. Is this normal?? Can it be changed?? thx
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    it is purported that creating a separate admin account then setting your admin acct to a std user helps with warding of malware. In order to do any admin tasks u must enter a PW. The purpose of UAC is to help ward off malware. If set at default, in order to perform admin functions u must...
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    MSCONFIG entry in registry

    I would like to clean up my disabled entries in MSCONFIG BUT there is no entry for it in the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MSConfig\ on my desktop. there is on my laptop. When is MSCONFIG hiding these things??? How do i get it back????????
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    Items in Favorites on WE sidebar disappeared

    all the items that were under Favorites in the sidebar of Windows Explorer have disappeared. The link to the Download folder was there - the actual folder is still under users. what happened?
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    can't see NAS in Windows Explorer

    This was working just fine, I could see and access NAS via WE on all computers. Something changed WE on desktop - open NETWORK - can see laptop & desktop computers on network it also shows DT & NAS Media Devices BUT not NAS as computer (storage drive). I can access everything...
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    trying to image drive with issues

    i have "imaged" my system drive using DriveImage XML I set it as active with windows disk manager. but when I try to boot it tells me that BOOTMGR is missing. however, bootmgr exists on the system reserved partition it is also in windows\boot\pcat and under windows\winsxs\......... so what is...
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    resetting a user profile

    this is a learning center. The user profile starts out as default at the beginning class session. After the last class session, I want to reset it to default for the next class. what users\profile\folders need to be saved and restored to insure per user app & system configurations are...
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    more ghosts on USB stick

    I have a USB stick that when plugged into one computer reads just fine. When plugged into another computer all the folders are visible but there appears to be no files in any folder. All ports are the same. It did work a few hours ago, but I guess I did something - it is a new computer that I...