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  1. Mikeethestud

    Did any one try snagit software?

    Yes i have tried Snagit Screen Recorder
  2. Mikeethestud

    Windows 10 Laptop very slow boot up

    You can decrease your boot time manually
  3. Mikeethestud

    Num lock keep turning on Randomly

    are you using desktop or laptop?
  4. Mikeethestud

    'Cleaner' restart

    Check whether you are facing same problem in safe mode
  5. Mikeethestud

    A lot of problems with my new laptop

    Try reinstalling windows and before starting internet get 1 antivirus installed on your system
  6. Mikeethestud

    Please recommend a simple PDF editor for Windows 10

    PDF escape and MOV Avi are the good ones
  7. Mikeethestud

    Tell me best video making software

    Try Wondershare Fimlora editor
  8. Mikeethestud

    Verify Email

    Check are you using the same email address from which you registered to receive the code
  9. Mikeethestud

    Need Recommendations for Basic Photo Editor

    You can try photo editors such as BeFunky, Canvas, Fotor and Inpixio