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  1. Strangedogs

    What's the BEST Windows BACKUP Software

    I have my new Vista laptop with Windows 7 (32-bit) on a seperate partition. Just bought 2 new external 1 Terrabyte drives (USB 2.0) for backups, etc. One is going on my Mac G5 and one is for my laptop. I'm normally a Mac user so I'm not sure about this Windows backup stuff. If I want to...
  2. Strangedogs

    Recording in Windows 7 is a JOY!

    I spend a lot of time recording (Guitar, Keyboard, etc) and have been a Die-Hard Mac User for years. My new dual-core Vista laptop was a disappointment recording wise (too many issues with latency and speed), most of the Windows recording guys told me to install Win XP as it's faster. I...