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    Edge as Default App to Open a File?

    Is there away to select Edge as the program to open a file? I have a few .SWF game files on my laptop. If I open Edge, and insert the path to the .SWF file, Edge opens the file and I can play the game. But, I can find no way to select Edge as the default app to open the .SWF file. Any advice...
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    {Solved}Microsoft Edge Issues

    I don't know if this is the right place for this post, but this forum always seems to have the answer. I decided to try Edge, moving from IE. One very annoying issue. On some websites, pop up ads appear and in some cases the browser goes to the ad page. I have ad pop up blocker on, but they...
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    [Solved] NAS not Recognized by Windows Explorer

    I have a WD My Cloud Expert Series EX2Ultra connected to my home network. Everything has been working perfectly. But, after the latest Win 10 desktop update (Version 1607 Build 14393.1593) Windows explorer no longer finds the NAS. I have a Win 10 laptop (Version 1703 Build 15063.540) Windows...
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    [SOLVED] Adding a Second Three Tile Column

    I have two Win 10 Home laptops. One has a start menu with one three tile column. The other has a start menu with two three tile columns. I have forgotten how to get the second three tile column. Any help will be appreciated. Regards, Jim
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    [Solved] Power Point Viewer for Win 10?

    I can't seem to find a Power Point Viewer for Windows 10. Any advice will be appreciated. Regards, Jim Edit: When I open a PPS file, I get a message, "This app can't run on your PC. To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher." But, if I open the PPS Viewer in the Start...
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    Win 10 file Explorer Fails to Find File

    I am running Windows 10 Version 1607 Build 14393.693. I have a file in Documents. If I use File Explorer and search Documents, the file is found. If I search This PC, the file is not found. What could be going on? Thanks for any advice. Regards, Jim
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    Finger Print Login Doesn't Work

    I just bought a laptop with a finger print reader, Asus Q324UA. Device Manager reports the device is working and the driver is current. On Windows 10 logon options, the fingerprint setup finishes with a message that says finger print can now be used to logon. But, when I try to logon using the...
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    [Solved] Windows 10 Power Plans

    I have a Surface 3 Pro Tablet running Windows 10, Version 1607. There is only one power plan, Balanced, that I can select. Is there a way to get additional plans? Such as Power Saver, Performance, etc? Second question. The plan settings are very limited no CPU settings, no wifi settings, etc...
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    Which Anti Virus?

    I am running Windows 10 and Internet Explorer. I have depended on Windows Defender to protect me from virus , malware, Trojans, etc. But, my system became infected with Windows defender did not detect this virus. I used Malware Bytes to remove it. So, what anti virus would you...
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    Network PC Needs Password

    I have two Windows 10 PCs on a home network. When I try to access PC1 from PC2, I get a window that asks for a user name and password, which I don't remember. How do I reset the users and passwords on PC1? Thanks for any help. Regards, Jim
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    [SOLVED]Windows 10 and IE Favorites

    I am trying to sync IE favorites between two PCs I own. Absolutely no luck. I found a way using a Registry hack, but results stink. I have a "master" PC that I want to sync the other PC to. And I have been able to complete a sync to the second PC, but the Favorites end up in alphabetical order...
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    Windows 10 Password Recovery?

    I have forgotten the password I need to access my desktop PC from my laptop. How can I recover the password? Thanks for any help. Regards, Jim
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    [SOLVED]What Windows Build?

    I have Windows 10 setup to receive builds that aren't yet available as an update. BUT, how can I tell what build is currently installed? I looked at the update history, but I don't see anything that is identified as a build, just the usual KB numbers, Windows Defender, Security updates, etc...
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    Is Metro Version of IE Possible in Windows 10?

    I got used to the Metro version of IE in Windows 8.1 and actually like it. Now, in Windows 10, I can't find any way to get that look and feel. Is there any way to get that Windows 8.1 Metro version of IE in Windows 10? Thanks for any help. Jim
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    Windows 10 (Solved)I Have Only One Power Plan

    I just upgraded to Win 10 on my Surface Pro 3. I had two problems one of which has been solved. The one that is solved was that my Samsung SDXC card was not recognized. It didn't appear in Device Manager or in Computer Management > Disk Management. I "fixed" the problem by re-installing Windows...
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    [Solved] Lost Ability To Close Apps with Swipe

    My laptop no longer will close an app by swiping from the top. And, swiping from the right side to bring up charms only works on the top half of the screen. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Jim
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    [Solved] Problems with YouTube in IE 11

    I know this is a Windows forum, but the IE forum at MS is not producing any results. I am using IE 11 on a Windows 8.1 laptop. If I do a search and a YouTube shows up as one of the search results, it plays with no problems. But, I frequent a forum that has a feature that allows users to post...
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    Edit IE Settings in Metro?

    I am trying to use the UI version of IE rather than the desktop version. I can't seem to find any of the menus that show up in the desktop version. Organize Favorites is one in particular. Is there a way to organize Favorites in the UI version or do I have to use the Desktop version for that...
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    Need help with IE Error Message

    I am using IE 11.0.9600.17690, update version 11.0.17 on windows 8.1 64 bit. Very often I get a window that pops up with a message that IE has stopped working. If I ignore the message and click to close the window, IE works as if nothing had happened. Does anyone know if this is a known issue...
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    (Solved) Edit List of PCs to "Copy" During Setup

    When a new PC is started for the first time, or when a PC is "recovered" back to factory conditions and started for the first time, a list of PCs that can be used to copy settings, apps and personal stuff is shown. A week ago I bought a new PC. The list of PCs had several that I have not owned...