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    Cannot copy/paste

    I can no longer copy/paste from one document to another existing or new file (both Word and Notepad) - paste does not appear on the right click menu, nor does Ctrl V work; I can however copy/paste a picture. Apparently the text gets as far as the clipboard as I get a message asking if I want to...
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    Problem with File History

    I am having trouble using file history. If I accept the defaults by just pressing Backup Now the result is just an empty 2Mb file. If I add Documents and Desktop the result is still just an empty 2Mb file. What I wish is to do is a file backup followed by daily incremental backups of the...
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    Blue Screen Of Death

    I get a BSOD almost every session. The computer (Windows 10 Home Creators - not Fall) re-boots almost instantly but I just catch the message "Page fault in non-paged area. stdriverx64.sys Is there an easy fix that does not involve editing the registry.
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    Backup History

    I have activated the History backup facility in Settings, but all get is a folder FileHistory and various sub-folders, all empty. It is a facility I would like to use to cover new files etc. made since my last regular image backup - is there any other way of setting it up properly. If I cannot...
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    Unable to create a recovery flash drive

    I have been attempting to create a recovery flash drive but each time I try it fails with the message unable to complete – I have tried three 8 GB drives and one 16 GB, I have tried both the front and rear usb sockets on the desktop. Maybe it is significant – I have had more BSODs since I...
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    System file checker

    I am having trouble with a new upgrade in that occasionally the computer spontaneously re-boots and produces a blue screen, I tried to run sfc.exe /scannow from the run box but all that happens is a flash over the desktop. I suspect it is because I am not running as administrator. How can I...