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  1. EDLIU

    Samsung Taiwan's Irresponsible After Sales Service Policy (台灣三星的不負責任售後服務政策)

    (Something About My Ext. Samsung Display) POOR PRODUCT QUALITY. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. I'D NEVER USE ANY SAMSUNG PRODUCTS AGAIN. (台灣三星)Samsung Taiwan's Irresponsible After Sales Service(Customer Service And Tech Support) Policy Just Pisses Me Off.
  2. EDLIU

    Curved Monitors Good For Reading Texts?

    Hi, I read online news everyday. Are curved monitors good for reading text? Or are they just good for gaming? I went to a 3C shop looking for a computer monitor, and the sales representative told me that "curved monitors are for gamers, and a flat display is better at reading texts". Is he...
  3. EDLIU

    When's The Best Time To Get A Monitor

    Hi, I'm thinking about getting a 27 inch 1080p(1440p better) monitor. From Samsung, Dell, or ViewSonic. I'd like to get a latest released monitor if possible. So, when's "the best time" to make a purchase? Thanks. Ed
  4. EDLIU

    What Brands Of Monitors Are Good

    I'm planning to get myself a "27 inch or 32 inch" monitor(Full HD 1080p). Basically for daily uses. I've checked brands like "LG, HP, DELL, SAMSUNG, and VIEWSONIC". Which brand has the best quality? What about ViewSonic? They used to be pretty good, but some said that they're not as good as...
  5. EDLIU

    How to Perform a Clean Install of Windows 10 Pro With a Windows 8 Pro Key

    Hi, How do I "Perform a Clean Install of Windows 10 Pro With a Windows 8 Pro Key"? Thanks in advance. Ed
  6. EDLIU

    Windows 8.1 Pro Boot up USB

    Hi, I have a Windows 8 Pro key. I would like to upgrade my Windows to the latest 8.1 Pro and make a "Bootable USB For The Windows 8.1 Pro", so I do not need to download the 8.1 each time I reinstall my OS. So what should I do to create the USB? Are there any "step by step" information...