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    Best Alternative to Bitlocker – password safe USB stick?

    Hi, Formerly, on my business laptop I´ve used Bitlocker with the Win pro edition. But now I changed my PC and to a home edition without Bitlocker. Therefore I am looking for a similar alternative, mainly to password save my external USB stick. The documents and information on that USB are not...
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    Win10 does not let me change the DNS

    Hi, I frequently change my adapter settings the DNS for TCP/IPv4. But since my update to Windows 10 this option looks like completely locked. Right now I have a manual DNS server address inserted (not sure if I ever did put it on my own or not ?) and I want to change it to automatically.But...
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    Windows 10 My Cortona is not working !?

    Hi ! I’ve just yesterday updated from Win7 and my new upgraded Win10 looks to work smoothly, with all programs running. With the exception of Cortana, I believe she/it is not recognizing the hardware like micro and speakers, as I’ve excluded all other common listed problems. Besides, she...