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  1. JasonT4T3

    Show Off Your Computer Setup!

    I could not find a thread on this so I'll make one. Show off your setup! Here's mine. I'm only 14 so I don't have a lot: I really want to see some of yours!
  2. JasonT4T3

    64 bit or 32 bit?

    I'm running 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate and am wondering if I should downgrade to 32 bit because I've heard I would get a better performance. Should I? My PC specs are in my sig. Thanks, Jason
  3. JasonT4T3

    Old Mac as extra monitor?

    Is there a way I could use my old iMac G4 as an extra monitor for my PC? Is there a piece of software I could download? Please help. Thanks, Jason
  4. JasonT4T3

    Could you replace hardware RAM for Virtual Memory (RAM)?

    Could you rely on Virtual Memory on your PC?
  5. JasonT4T3

    Wireless Mouse or Wired Mouse?

    I have always wondered what the majority of people use, wired or wireless mice? I use wireless but am going to switch to a wired mouse just because my mouse has died on my before during a critical time. What do you guys and gals use?
  6. JasonT4T3

    Do you use your laptop as a desktop?

    Do you use your laptop as a desktop? I do. I have my laptop connected to a 20" monitor(details in sig) while the laptop sits in a shelf under my desk with the lid closed. Do any of you do this?
  7. JasonT4T3

    What do you do on the computer?

    What do you do on the computer? Program, graphic design, webdesign, etc...? I dont know what I do I'm sampling them all. I'm trying to find my niche in the computer world...