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    What is your Windows 7 performance index score?

    Just curious to what everyone's "Windows experience index base score"s are and what kind of hardware scores what. Post your hardware details along with your scores. Mine scores a 5.0 AMD Athlon X2 4400 2.3 - 5.0 5 gigs (2x2GB + 2x512GB) of Generic DDR2 800 - 6.1 ASUS GeForce 8600GT 512mb - 6.7...
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    Upgrading Windows 7 build 6801 to 7000

    Does anyone know if windows 7 installer will allow an upgrade from build to build? Is Microsoft releasing updates as windows 7 is developed to keep up with the builds? I have been using it since the first leaked copy from the PDC in October and would just like to upgrade? :( I'm new here but not...