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    Windows 10, lost password.

    This is one of the most common issues caused by naming the 1:st computer-account as your own.. That both make you the ADMIN, and you never get a separate admin-account to use as a "backup-account" in cases like this.. I have been nagging about this since ages ago, And no one ever gives me...
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    Not formatting d drive while installation turned out to be a mess

    While your Unallocated partition is selected, click in the "New" and create a partition using all avaliable space, then you should click on the "Format" and chose NTFS... When that is done... install windows 10 to that new partition..
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    Not formatting d drive while installation turned out to be a mess

    In the bottom part of your pic, it says "Windows can not be installed to this drive" and there is a link that says "show details" that you may click on.. Is that where it says its a GPT partition?
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    Not formatting d drive while installation turned out to be a mess

    Your D: Drive? Is that a separate partition on "one and the same" hard-drive that is your C: drive???
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    Windows 10 Taskbar and windows frezzes after sleep mode

    Have you tried to sometimes log out, then keep "Shift" Pressed down while you click: Turn off?? That is a more complete shutdown then just clicking Shut down.. And in more than on occasion this does remove issues... Thy it and see if anything changes with the sleepmode after doing this now and...
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    memory control

    Have you used the reliability monitor to find any relevant errormessages from your games: Check for "red X" etc. and check if there are any recommended solutions... And please check...
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    Windows 10 does not see my Wi-Fi network

    If you like to connect via Wi-Fi then you maybe need a Wi-fi dongle, the yare cheap and easily connected to any USB connector on your computer..
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    Windows 10 Boot issue

    It´s a long shot… but try if you can find any relevant errormessage in the Reliability monitor: Check for "red X" etc. and check if there are any recommended solutions...
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    (3/4/5 digits).tmp 450 files totalling 650MB found in SysWOW64 folder - What are they?

    You should not have ANY TMP-files in your syswow64-folder.. I guess that you run your computer with a administrators-account, if not these files would not have ended up in a systemfolder.. (Windows has its own TEMP-folder where tmp-files might show up…) I guess that the reason that these...
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    What Is The Cheapest, Lightweight, Antivirus Software

    My second go: Try: and you vill get one of the best antivirus softwares you can find.. And you may install and manage 3 PC/Macs for free.. The premium (more security features) is even better, and incudes protection for up to 10 PCs/macs.. Sophos ranks #1 for endpoint...
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    Malware, Ransomware and Bit-locker Security.

    As other already confirmed, Bitlocker is only a protection against theft of data while your computer is turned off.. But you should have used ONEDRIVE to "backup" recently used files and folders.. (They claim to have protection against ransomware that trys to encrypt your data).. Most...
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    What Is The Cheapest, Lightweight, Antivirus Software

    Last time I checked F-secure had a "GAMING-MODE" that you may switch to when needed. And it is is on of those who always stays on top in every test.. Either That or
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    How to let prms write file? Access error: Unsufficient permissions?

    you should NOT create compressed archives in any of the programfiles-folders at all.. Create them in your own personal folder instead = C:\Users\{your username} The programfolders are ment for programs you install on your computer... and nothing else...
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    You really don´t need crap like that... They (cleanup, cleaners, tuneups and such bogus stuff) have often proved to cause more problems than they claim to "fix" If you like to clean files from your harddrive, use the built in diskcleaner.. If you run it without any changes i only cleans files...
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    New to Windows. Any tips, things to do etc...

    Since Since others also have linked to other sites, so will I! First of all you should like to use Windows in the same, safer, way like you did in your mac.. So I highly recommend you to install your 1:st Windows computer via: THE ULTIMATE WINDOWS 10 INSTALLATION-guide that you find at...
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    Fresh install of windows on new computer?

    If you have means to backup your files, I would suggest that you perform a new CLEAN install of Windows 10..
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    Windows family I F*cked it up

    There is a point in getting help to perform an professional installation of Windows, just like the ULTIMATE Windows 10 installation-guide from [SPAM REMOVED BY ADMIN] that makes sure you do not forget any steps or perform the steps in the wrong way, just like you have done... Thus you would...
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    New Drive

    Since you have these problems i would suggest that you turn off your computer, open your computercase and makes sure your NEW hardrive (that you want to install a NEW Windows 10 to) is connected to your motherboards SATA 0 (Zero) and the second (old) harddrive temporally NOT connected at all...
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    New to Windows. Any tips, things to do etc...

    To find tips about using Windows try to read following webpages: Windows | Official Site for Microsoft Windows 10 Home & Pro OS, laptops, PCs, tablets & more TheWindowsClub Windows 10 News - MSPoweruser There you will find some tips and news about Windows 10.. If you like to learn how to...
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    Manually create bootable Windows install USB

    Yes! But 1: its a really old guide 2: few people of today would like the hassle of fiddling with diskpart etc. when they have a modern tool that does all the above automatically.. So that is why i added the modern version...