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    LAN icon instead of wireless/wifi icon in the notification area

    Hello to every1, I have the following problem: I connect my laptop (Dell Inspiron, Windows 7 Home Basic edition) to wireless connection in my work. Since a couple of days I saw that in my notification area the icon of connection is not the wifi/wireless (a triangle of bars) but instead it is...
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    How do I replace a file that needs "Trusted Installer"?

    Hi, I had again the problem with adding printers that I first posted here, as I already know the troubleshooting I fix it myself. Anyway it worries me that the problem had appear again. I do not know what cause the problem in the first place. One thing that had kept hanging in the air about that...
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    CAN NOT ADD PRINTER: Print spool service not listed in service list.

    Hi, I have recently adquired a new Dell laptop with Core 2 processor and Windows 7 Home Edition (64 bits) installed from factory. I have this problem: I can not add any printer to the system, because when I try to do it the following message: "Windows can not open Add printer. The local print...
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    Windows Explorer crashes a lot of times! (right click of mousse involved??)

    Hi, I have recently adquired a Dell laptop with Core 2 processor and Windows 7 Home Edition (64 bits) installed. Its seems to work pretty fine except for a little detail: sometimes Windows Explorer crashed a lot of times (it then restart and nothing else ugly happens but it is annoying:mad:) The...