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  1. zvit

    Windows 7 Issue with Pioneer Blu-Ray Writer

    Andy, although I wrote this 3 years and one month ago... you're welcome. :):)
  2. zvit

    Disable Windows Explorer

    Unplug the computer. Ok, seriously... what do you mean to disable Windows explorer? Explorer is the operating system for windows and you need it to run the Windows software.
  3. zvit

    Program for all text, Photo files

    To find all text files, you can do a search for .txt or .doc files. Same for pictures but I think you'd enjoy Picasa for that. Picasa
  4. zvit

    How to delete Mcafee Vaults folder

    Mcafee is a horrible anti virus to use. You should use something good and free such as... List of free safe antivirus/Malware software: 1. Microsoft security essentials:… 2. AVG: They are a lot better then McAfee.
  5. zvit

    safely remove hardware issue

    Anyone every see this, where in the "safely remove hardware" popup, it doesn't list the drive letters or info, so you can't know which drive to remove? As a workaround, I am using a shortcut to the command: "C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll" which brings...
  6. zvit

    Internet connection sharing not working

    It's great when users post the solutions to their own issues. It's a great benefit for others who have similar issues. Thanks for that!
  7. zvit

    How can I delete my account from

    It's been 2.5 years since the post started... I'm sure he's long gone... :-)
  8. zvit

    Problem with Windows Media Player

    Do you have to use WMP? I'd suggest using VLC or KMplayer. Most issues with WMP are not on those.
  9. zvit

    Find similar images

    There are two great sources on the web to find images similar (visually) to a selected image. Google images and Timeye - MatchEngine I am looking for a Windows software that can do this on one's computer. Say I have lots of pictures of clouds, scattered in different drives and I want to bring...
  10. zvit

    Preventing Win 7 From Automatically Installing Graphics Driver?

    On the right side, in the Windows Updates window, there is "change settings" where you have all the flexibility to determine how Windows handles updates.
  11. zvit

    Preventing Win 7 From Automatically Installing Graphics Driver?

    Also, when you see it in windows updates (it should be under "optional updates") right click it and choose "hide update".
  12. zvit

    Print Shop 23.1 on Windows 7 64 bit

    Try turning off UAC and see if that helps. Turn User Account Control on or off
  13. zvit

    Change options of the right-click menu of the taskbar

    Welcome to the forums. Easiest way would be to create a shotcut to C:\Windows\System32\taskmgr.exe and then right click the shortcut, choose properties and go to compatibility and check "run this program as administrator."
  14. zvit

    DDE Connectivity Lost after Windows 7 Update

    Well, I can mention it to Steve Ballmer (Bill Gate's replacement) at lunch tomorrow but I think he will be late as he must go helicopter shopping... Sorry, I couldn't help myself. :-) Unfortunately, I'm not on the Microsoft committee and I only volunteer here, but you can report bugs here...
  15. zvit

    DDE Connectivity Lost after Windows 7 Update

    I couldn't find a reason for this update to conflict the DDE server but Microsoft says that it's a pretty important security update and I wouldn't give up on it. Look at your non-critical updates and see if there is anything that has to do with Microsoft office. Maybe if you also update the...
  16. zvit

    DDE Connectivity Lost after Windows 7 Update

    Uninstall one update at a time until you catch the one causing this and tell us which it is so we can pinpoint the problem and solve it.
  17. zvit

    DDE Connectivity Lost after Windows 7 Update

    See if any of these help: 1. How to Repair an Excel File DDE Link | 2. PRB: DDEML with Excel Error: Remote Data Not Accessible
  18. zvit

    Net.Framework 4 Update problem

    Some solutions: 1. Try to install only one at a time and restart. 2. Error codes ?0x80070643? or ?0x643? occur when you install the .NET Framework updates 3. (post #7) Update Error 80070643 - Windows 7 Forums
  19. zvit

    Thumbnails of videos not showing

    Welcome to the forums. There are many fixes for this - depending on the source of the problem (eg: mem issues, settings, codecs, cache, etc). You can try to install the Redistributable Package: (x86): (x64): Download Microsoft Visual...
  20. zvit

    My Computer can't see my 2TB HardDrive in bios but i can still use it in my computer?

    This person said it right: hp - How can I tell if a 2TB drive is too much for my bios? - Super User