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  1. runLoganrun

    can't organize my wmp music library??

    All of my music resides in iTunes library, where it is all bagged and tagged, and works perfectly. Although not really tagged, as I am using wav files, iTunes nonetheless is able to keep everything in order. The prob getting wmp/wmc to pick it up is that everything comes up jumbled, like one...
  2. runLoganrun

    WMC 7 crashing

    frequently, when in wmc in win7, mc will crash, it seems to mostly happen when i hit the back button on remote. the only other time it's crashed on me is while copying files in ReiserFS back to NTFS. it's a pretty old program, and i accidentally, thinking i was in another window, tried to open...
  3. runLoganrun

    WMC and TMT3 integration shaky, WMC crashes

    i had several issues installing 7, most came from a driver conflict, and from needing to setup compatibility mode for some apps. one issue was getting hdmi pass-through to show up in options in TMT3, this was not a windows prob at all, it was due to same driver as other probs. i got that fixed...