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    Bandwidth speed gone crazy

    Do you use Comcast for your internet?
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    Windows 7 fps drops in Counter Strike: Source

    What set of drivers are you running?
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    Windows 7 and Autodesk Inventor 2010

    Just right click on the application --> Properties --> Comptability then select Windows Vista, or any other OS, and see which one works the best for you.
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    Windows 7 and Autodesk Inventor 2010

    Have you tried at all tweaking with the Compatability settings?
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    Adobe software (drivers/directx/windows)?

    Re-install creative suite?
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    Windows 7 fallout 3 issues

    It's your graphics card. Make sure you don't have AA turned to the highest setting, and make sure you don't have an extreme resolution set. I have seen others SLi these card, and still have to being on medium/low settings.
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    Windows 7 Dreamscene h264 playback working, but with an issue.

    I would suggest downloading VLC Player, or Windows Media Player Classic : Home Theatre. I was experiencing similar issues with h.264 playback as well, and I used these video players instead, and have had crystal clear screens no problem.
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    Sensor finger validity for HP Dx

    From what I've read on HP's, and as for as compatibility with other OS's, I think you will be out of luck for the Sensor. Sorry, wish I could help out more.
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    resolution problems

    Try downloading this updated version straight from nVidia's website here.
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    resolution problems

    Are you running the Windows Se7en beta graphic drivers for nVidia?
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    Windows 7 and Mega Manager?

    Hi there! First time post, and I have to say your forums are absolutely amazing. You guys really know your sh!t. So hopefully you can lend me some advise or suggestions. I recently updated to Windows Se7en Build 7068 x64 and everything has gone swimmingly well. Only speed bump I've ran in to...