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    How to get application to work in Windows 10

    Hello, I recently purchased a new desktop PC and a retail license of Windows 10. I have an application that worked on my old Windows 7 desktop, but is not working on my new Windows 10 desktop. This application is very important to and need to continue to use it. Note, this application was...
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    Need help with application

    I have been determine if I need to purchase a 6th generation laptop to run Windows 7 for an application. I was having a conversation with someone else and they seemed to figure out the first half. That is, to get the application to run in Windows 10. I would appreciate if there is anyone who can...
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    Can't Open Application

    Hello, I have a very important application that I would like to use on my new Windows 10 desktop. I have already reached out to Microsoft for support and they performed a remote session with no luck. They told me that the application needs to be updated to use on Windows 10 and to contact the...
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    Windows 7 Compatible Laptop

    Hello, I'm looking for a brand new laptop that is compatible with Windows 7. To be clear, I would be using this laptop exclusively offline for one application that is not compatible with Windows 10. I have my own retail license of Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit that I would be using for this...