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    Windows 7 Add Virustotal Uploader to the Send To Menu in Windows 7, 8, XP, and Vista By Britec09

    Kindly N.B. The Tutorial is not carried out by me. Any questions or criticisms should be directed to the author of the video. These videos are posted for the communities education and for entertainment value only Link Removed due to 404 Error
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    Windows 7 Review - ESET Smart Security 5

    Review - ESET Smart Security 5 The Good : Download option is Smart Download. Overall UI is decent and user friendly. Good web protection. Good Real time protection. Good detection rate (Smart Scan) by default. Very good cleaning process. No slowdowns at all, system very responsive, even...
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    Find out How Long Your Password Would Take To Crack - By iNiyant Great

    As you know long password is good for better security. But if you're using a short password then it can be cracked easily. To protect yourself, you need to select a password that's hard to guess. Also use some capital letters & symbols in it. It is recommended to add extra spaces into your...
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    Windows 7 SagarSehwag's Configuration

    General computer knowledge: Beginner Level of security risk: Low Operating system: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 OS architecture: 64 bit Non-admin account: No Real-time protection: ESET Smart Security 6RC {Maximum Settings} Firewall Mode: Interactive Mode HIPS Mode: Automatic Mode On-demand scanners...
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    Top Freeware for a New/Old PC

    Top Freeware for a New/Old PC Hey everyone, here's the top must have freeware for your new/old PC - this list is specifically intended to appeal to users with a new PC or those who have re-installed windows... ALL THESE SOFTWARE MENTIONED ARE ABSOLUTELY FREE ALL OF THE PROTECTION COMBINATION...
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    What is the Difference between 32Bit & 64Bit OS

    32Bits windows Supports (Maximum) -4GB of RAM 64Bits windows Supports (Maximum) -16GB of RAM