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    Can't Record MP3

    Suddenly I am unable to record mp3s with a programme (RecAllPro) which worked up until yesterday. I now get: "Cannot open this file using audio compression for Windows. Either the required codec is not present or does not support the requested bitrate" (Acmopen). I have all the required...
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    'Dirty' SD Card

    Hello, Windows 7 refuses to let me save/delete etc files on my Android tablet's SD card, claiming the file system is 'dirty'. The last time this happened I followed the prompts to correct it and ended up with a bricked SD card which was unuseable/unformatable and had to be discarded...
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    Hello Again, On occasion, when I double click on a desktop icon it comes up with the Properties window. Can I fix it without a reboot? Could it be the utility 'Save Desktop' which causes this. That utility repairs a desktop whose icons become scrambled. Progs launched from...
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    Problem with KVM

    Good Afternoon, Two Windows-7 Pro machines with KVM installed switching keyboard and mouse (not video). Second machine used to recognise KVM'd mouse but no longer does - sees it now as an unrecognised device. The keyboard works via the KVM but I've had to put an additional mouse on the...
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    Weird File Behavious

    Good Day, I have a flash drive attached to my Netgear router. Recently (and only recently) I get a 'Can't verify the creator of this file ... " warning box if I try to open a file with at .TXT extension via Total Commander or Windows Explorer on the Network drive (no problem with other...
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    UEFI !

    Hello, My boot menu looks like this: UEFI P4: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH24NSD0 (Highlighted) P2: Toshiba DT01 ACA1000 (953969MB) P3: Toshiba DT01 - ditto - Samsung Flash Drive (122368 MB) Generic Storage Device Generic Storage Device P4 must be the DVD writer; P2 & P3...
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    Silly Network Problem

    Hi, I have two Win-7 pro 64 machines networked. Called BB and CC. On ethernet. MP3s recorded with ReAllPro ro on CC and saved to //CC/Sounds cannot be seen from BB with any of Total Commander, Windows Explorer or cmd (dir \\CC\Sounds). CC's Sounds' directory is empty as far as the network is...
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    Deleting Old System Files

    Hello again, Possibly unusual problem: I had Windows 7 re-installed to C: recently by a computer shop. I don't know how it happened, but some system files from the previous installation are on drive D: taking up over 8MB of space. I imagine this is the saved copy of the old system which...
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    Windows Image Files

    Hello again, Can I safely delete old image files made by Windows 7's Backup/Restore-Create a system image once I've created a fresh image ? Regards, Cheemag
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    Icons Blacked Out

    Hello again, My Windows 7 Pro machine started up with all the desktop icons (except three 'MS' ones) blacked out (black square where the icon should be). "Rebuild Shell Icon Cache" on right-click menu on desktop does nothing; they're still black. Restarting Windows Explorer doesn't help...
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    Serious Update Problems

    Me again, I have a new Win7 Pro machine. It appears it's only updated to SP-1. Yesterday I asked it to check for updates. It returned 'Checking for Updates'. It was still checking for updates when I went to bed with no result. Other machines would come back with the number and type of...
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    Task Manager Broken

    Me Again ! New machine with Windows 7 Pro. Wanted to use Task Manager to halt a programme. Task Manager comes up in the Processes page, no header, no tabs, no way out other than closing the thing with the Taskbar context popup. Can I somehow correct this, or should I seek a...
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    Net Missing at Boot

    G'day, Most mornings on booting the network adaptor does not seem to work. I have to disable it the re-enable it to regain the network, sometimes more than once. Same on two machines. Any idea what may be the problem? -- Cheemag (Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and Windows 7...
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    Cannot Install Epson Scan Utility

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Epson Stylus SX218. Hello again, Windows lost the use of the printer. Deleted the printer and reinstalled it from the CD. Printer works, copier works but scanner will not install. It exits from Epson's install programme with 'an error - restart please'. After...
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    Lost USB

    Hello yet again, (Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit) Fitted a second HDD which work well, however I now have no USB devices. I took care to plug all my USB peripherals into the original slots. The keyboard and mouse are on USB and they work. Safely Remove Hardware lists only the...
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    Finding Deleted Files

    Hello again, No matter which undelete programme I try, not one of them will ever find a deleted file. I copy a file to a directory on C: or D:, delete it and then empty the Recycle Bin. Whatever application I care to use, the file, which is very unlikely to have been overwritten, can not...
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    Line-In Level

    Hello Again, Anyone know if it's possible to put the Line-In level slider on the desktop, or at least a shortcut to it? I have a programme which insists on depressing the Line-In level when it starts, and it's a real pain going via the volume control thing in the tray. Regards Cheemag
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    How to Prevent Windows 7 Making RW Disc Read-Only

    Hello again, Is there any way to prevent Windows 7 locking RW discs before they are full? It seems to happen long before the disc is full and on a whim. (Windows-7 Professional 64-bit with good quality CD-RWs) Regards, Cheemag
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    SFC /Scannow Problem

    Hello. I thought I'd check the system files as something about the system has crippled the machine's ability to run .JAR files. Did SFC /Scannow from cmd prompt. 'Please insert your Windows XP Professional SP-3 CD now' I inserted the system disc ... The system is XP Home according to Control...
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    Malicious Software Removal Tool

    Hello. Windows 7 (Pro 64-bit) keeps offering me updates for this. I don't use it as I have a paid-for 3rd party security app. Where is it hidden (I can't find it on the machine) and how can I stop Windows offering updates for it? Regards, Cheemag