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    Hi My HP 280 G2 MT does not recognise my SSD since a BIOS update a year ago. The BIOS version was A O.27. It won't even boot with the SSD attached. Now even with the latest A 0.48 BIOS things are same. The OS is in the HDD now . The SSD is a Samsung evo 850. The SSD works fine in another Dell...
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    Shifting from slim tower to atx tower

    Hi, I would like to upgrade my system by shifting the hardware components of the slim tower to an ATX tower.The system is a Dell vostro 260s.I have already bought a corsair VS 450 for the power supply and upgraded RAM to 8gb.What is the best graphics card apt for this power supply and please...
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    Desktop WIFI

    Hi, I would like to make my Dell Vostro 260s WIFI enabled which is running Win 8.1 Pro.Should I use an external adapter or an internal one?Which one is better?Please share your valuable opinion.
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    Graphics upgrade for slim tower

    Hi, I would like to upgrade the power supply and graphics card of my Dell Vostro 260 Slim tower.Would the following suffice? i-
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    System Upgrade

    Hi, My brother would like to upgrade his pc.His current config is core i3 3.3 GHZ with 2gb ram and win 7.Would win 8 x64, 4 gigs of RAM with a GT 640 ddr5 graphics and Corsair 450 watts SMPS be a decent upgrade for adobe PS ,movie viewing and occasional gaming(Max Payne..);Please suggest.
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    this copy of windows is not genuine

    I purchased a Dell desktop a few months ago which came with DOS.The store installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit for RS 9000(about $170).But for the past few days it is displaying the above message with an error code 0x8004fe22. Please help.The diagnostics reports are as follows.