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  1. Mike

    Weird folders under AppData
  2. Mike

    Is there Windows-own software to password files, folders, etc?

    VeraCrypt is just a fork of TrueCrypt since it was discontinued. Outside of BitLocker its probably going to be the most usable solution in this type of scenario thats not proprietary in nature.
  3. Mike

    RAM detected by BIOS but not by Win10

    2GB RAM is extremely low. I hope this is not the case. Its possible the memory is incompatible with this system? Have you considered checking both chips in Memtest MemTest86 - Official Site of the x86 Memory Testing Tool Also, maybe save the bios when you see it updated to 24 (not discard...
  4. Mike

    USB problem

    Both Windows 7 and Windows 10 support exFAT, FAT32, and NTFS, so no I don't see how thats possible. If you're saying that you can't open the videos, you may need a video codec, or something universal that can pretty much open any video filetype like VLC Media Player. If you can't see all of the...
  5. Mike

    Backspace Button broken?

    Return the laptop to the shop and ask them to fix it since they probably broke it.
  6. Mike

    Intel Driver and Support Assistant

    Mike submitted a new resource: Intel Driver and Support Assistant - Helps keeps your system up-to-date by detecting when updates are available. Read more about this resource...
  7. Mike

    Intel Driver and Support Assistant 2019-07-12

    The Intel® Driver & Support Assistant (Intel DSA) Purpose The Intel® Driver & Support Assistant enables you to scan computing devices for the latest drivers available from Intel. This tool has the main interface hosted on Intel’s support website and provides a more integrated support...
  8. Mike

    SSD Hot Swappable ?

    If it supports 2.5" conventional laptop size HDD it will fit SSD. The hot swap will probably work, but make sure the SATA controller on the back supports the throughput or doesn't slow down the drives.
  9. Mike

    past queries

    By writing that "This solved my problem" or something of that nature. We had a solved/best answer option on the forum and it was not used very much at all.
  10. Mike

    Welcome to Windows 10 Upgrade and Installation

    Not much has happened since then? Well most home users upgraded to Windows 10 and stopped using IE11, so thats one thing that happened.. Also... if you entered the insider program and you did Skip Ahead or any ring you're going to have to wait until the next official build is released or attempt...
  11. Mike

    Issue: Microsoft Edge (Canary channel)

    Because its beta, or even alpha, its hard to say what is causing this. If you are experiencing it, its hopefully probable that others are as well. Have you considered using the Feedback Hub just in case? I wouldn't be too disturbed, as they are switching to Chromium, if they haven't already. I...
  12. Mike

    1920by1080 was working

    You should be able to rescale the monitor using AMD's Radeon software or the monitor itself. However, why not just run it native at 4K? If the display res is 38240x2160 you can scale to text, apps, etc 150-200%. It may be difficult to get used to at first, but at least you would be running at...
  13. Mike

    Comment by 'Mike' in media '2.JPG'

    Very cool.
  14. Mike

    Stubborn VSS-errors in the Eventviewer of Win10 1903 .

    Well if nothing is wrong with shadow copy/Windows Backup then I wouldnt be overtly concerned about it.
  15. Mike

    Windows 10, Version 1903, 19H1, May 2019 Update SuperThread

    Its not an error but it is now dismiss-able :)
  16. Mike

    Drivers (perhaps graphics card) are causing crashes.

    This type of artifacting is indicative of a GPU failure. It could be something as simple as cooling, or the whole unit could be going. Generally speaking, if the GPU locks the system, freezes, or cannot pass: It is generally advised to RMA as defective. However...
  17. Mike

    How to Properly Disable Cortana in Microsoft Windows 10

    Well its hard to believe this is still being discussed, but yes, there are other methods, as @Josephur mentioned, including the NTFS permissions lock-out, to try to prevent the executable from even running. The primary problem I see with this is that using the semi-official, if not sanctioned...
  18. Mike

    Windows 10, Version 1903, 19H1, May 2019 Update SuperThread

    HOLY CRAP! It's finally OUT! if you weren't on the Insider Program I think you will have a general performance improvement with this version. Microsoft has also released a new Windows "Health Dashboard" (i.e. KNOWN ISSUES) with this release...
  19. Mike

    Graphic File sizes seem different.

    LOL.. you are replying to a post that is 7 years old. The max file upload size is around 20MB. (And that doesn't even include media gallery uploads)
  20. Mike

    Windows 10 Pro 64bit build 17763.437 hanging to a buzzing noise

    Nobody ever wants to think it could be PSU failure but, sadly, thats been the bane of a lot of systems for a long time. Consider going with EVGA (not an endorsement), but they usually do stand by their products and have a good warranty system and support team. Good on you to break out the test...