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    Damn you, Microsoft

    Glad to hear it's easy for some people :). I still don't understand why the sharing options require knowledge of sub atomic nuclear reactions and also prerequisite an experience level of over 9000, but after working at it with a hammer I think I finally fixed what Microsoft has been getting...
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    Windows 7 Punkbuster Thinks Win 7 a Hack!

    I posted in a thread about lag during CoD4 yesterday, just posting in here to add my two cents on PB. CoD4 and PB work PERFECTLY on my W7 machine. I installed CoD4, no problems, joined a server, played for a few mins, PB kicked me stating PB version was wrong, I went to the PB website...
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    Windows 7 internet lag [+tf2]

    Hey there, I've been running W7 for about a month now without any major problems. Everything work(ed) properly and I was rather pleased about it all. Just recently I reinstalled CoD4, manually updated punkbuster (as it didn't update itself for some reason). All is well apart from my ping. I...
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    Dual Booting

    Hi there, new day, new hardware, new problems! So, I've been running a clean install of 7 for a few weeks now, I've solved some problems with help here before and I'm hoping you can help me out some more. Got a project going at Uni that requires me to use Mac OSX, not enough money for a real...
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    Installing W7 on a Laptop.

    Windows 7 has been running fine on my desktop PC for a while now, everything is fine and dandy, but a friend of mine would like to try it on a Laptop he has lying around, and would like me to install it as my knowledge of computers is more advanced than his own. I've never actually re-installed...
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    Dual Display Wallpaper

    The problem is, I have all the right drivers from ATI, and I know it can be done, I just have no idea WHY it's being stupid. :p
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    Do you guys like the new taskbar at all?

    To be perfectly honest, the pinning to taskbar option is just a variation of the quicklaunch, and I won't be using that either. I like an uncluttered taskbar, one without icons and toolbars and everything. I like the new pereview feature and the grouping, no more text is amazing, but I'll never...
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    Dual Display Wallpaper

    My Setup: Clean 32bit 7 installation ATI Radeon HD 3650 512MB LG Flatron M2294D 22"Widescreen HDtv main display Acer X203w 20" Widescreen secondary display (to the left of main display) PC has been running fine for about a week now, no major problems. Got all the latest updates and the latest...
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    DivX Subtitles

    Ok, so: Media Player Classic in the current CCCP Codec pack plays my mkv's brilliantly with picture without subtitles BS Player in it's own pack + codecs plays my mkv's brilliantly without picture with subtitles. BS Player then notes that I'm missing the Haali Media Splitter and FFD Show...
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    Windows 7 'Windows 7 will be vista but a lot better'

    I still do not see how my Vista Premium can be the only broken OS in use amongst my computers. Only thing I like about it is the problem I had with XP, the sound mixer. I want the ability to set sound levels per program via the OS in XP too. Vista is an ugly, slow OS on my Toshiba Satellite...
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    Windows 7 World of warcraft - win7 64bit. vs vista 32bit

    tbh, I am rather proud of myself for unlocking this special stage of W7. It's like a personal achievement with every new Windows OS. *cries bravely*
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    Windows 7 World of warcraft - win7 64bit. vs vista 32bit

    Clean 32bit 7 install. Intel Core 2 Dual 2.66Ghz 2Gb RAM ATI HD 3650 512 MB So I intstalled and patched WoW etc. Funnily enough the WotLK installer would freeze up my machine if it tried to move the installation folder for the permissions etc. Barring the freeze, WoW runs as smoothe as ever...
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    Incompatible Windows 7 Programs

    Oh I completely forgot that. PowerISO installed on my clean install 32bit 7 installation works perfectly. No problems at all.
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    Damn you, Microsoft

    Oh, I understand how much of a threat it is on a network on a corporate scale, don't get me wrong. The thing is, I don't want to jumpo through all these rings of fire just to share my stuff with my other stuff. I live by myself in my own appartment on a wired network with no wireless access. I...
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    Incompatible Windows 7 Programs

    Steam works perfectly here on 32 bit with ATI HD 3650 card. Photo.. well... ALL of Adobe CS3 works (Master Suite version here. Dunno what Photoshop you have, but CS3 works just fine.
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    Damn you, Microsoft

    Ah, thanks. I thought it was the password sharing thingy or w/e. Anyhoo, works properly now.
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    Windows 7 I want to hide the recycle bin on the desktop

    Tedious? I have it done that way, works fine and only need to do it once. How could it be tedious? Or do you want to be able to access the files on your desktop anyway, just not sdee any icons? For that I have a desktop toolbar in my taskbar. Rightclick taskbar -> Toolbars -> Desktop. This...
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    Damn you, Microsoft

    Sharing on XP on my own network? No problem. Takes 5secs, 10 at most. Sharing on my Vista Laptop on my own network? I gave up 2 months ago, feeling rather stupid and aggrevated. Microsoft may have made it more secure, but for the average home user, it's a tedious and silly setup. I seem to have...
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    Network connection dropping every 2 mins

    For the time being, it seems to be behaving itself. I'm baffled as to why it is though, the only changes I've made since steam are ATI graphics drivers and Adobe CS3 Master Suite. If I can find out what is going on, I'll post about it. =/
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    Network connection dropping every 2 mins

    Just clean installed Windows 7 Build 7000. Everything went fine (After removing myself from behind the keyboard), install worked perfectly, dual screen setup works etc etc. Windows automatically configured the 2nd SATA HDD, sound etc. All is well. I downloaded Steam, and started downloading...