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    Clicking and poping noise on stereo when output to directsound / waveout!

    Onboard sound, only digital output (SPDIF) is used! No problem if going through WASAPI, AC3 and DTS are fine too. But if I play stereo audio (even fixed at 16bit) through directsound or waveout, random noises are poping out from time to time. Audio driver and MB bios updated! CPU: i7-920...
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    SDHC card not detected in card reader!

    * SDHC card is fine! * card reader is also fine! Could this be the problem? - <Event xmlns="Link Removed due to 404 Error"> - <System> <Provider Name="Service Control Manager" Guid="{555908d1-a6d7-4695-8e1e-26931d2012f4}" EventSourceName="Service Control Manager" /> <EventID...
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    IE8 settings lost after shutdown...

    IE8 v8.0.7600.16385!
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    Resource Monitor not monitoring!

    Checked the Services, I don't think I disabled anything related... Nothing is shown under all those tabs, not even CPU - Processes!
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    [Unreliable!] Windows 7 ENTERPRISE Edition x64

    Win 7 Ent x64 Intel i7 , 6GB ram , System on SSD... Symptoms: 1. Some process cannot be killed, not even with force restart (both Windows Security restart or the shutdown command). Which is really bad, I cannot restart the PC remotely or heck, not even a safe restart, has to press RESET or...
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    RDP client 5.2 on Win7! (Where after install??)

    I need to use it for testing, and I downloaded the installation file from M$! However, as usual, M$ doesn't let user to choose the path for their installation! And I cannot find it anywhere after installed, LOL :confused: And searching in "Start" gives me only the new one!
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    Windows 7 NO SOUND with most games which use the FMOD sound engine!!

    From Vista x64 Ultimate to now Win7 x64 U, I still get no sound in certain games. After digging and digging, trying and trying, standard output format (frequency too high), enable Stereo Mix, run in XP compatibility, etc., still no sound! Then, I found the common of these games, they all use...