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    You might not need a new computer either

    Something I had never paid attention to before saved me from replacing my computer. The computer had progressively more symptoms of problems and I was convinced the motherboard was bad. The POST beep had expanded into a musical diddy that the AMI specs said indicated a motherboard problem. In...
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    Useful Resources

    The Windows Club has quite a collection of freeware utilities: This one, in particular, might be a good general purpose tool for solving a variety of problems...
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    Useful tip on "open with" trap and how to fix it
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    Information on boot problem and AtiPcie.sys

    Just wanted to share some information for anyone else having a certain boot problem related to atipcie.sys. Pauli pointed me in the right direction in another thread. Apparently, this problem is not uncommon. Atipcie.sys is one of the drivers associated with ATI video hardware. Symptoms: In...
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    Safe Mode Load List?

    Does anyone know, or know where I can find, the load sequence for booting Win 7 in safe mode? I had a computer crash in an odd way. Even restoring a good system image didn't fix it. I was able to start a boot in safe mode, but it gets to a certain device driver and hangs. I'm trying to find...
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    Article: How Long do Hard Drives Last

    Interesting article, useful advice:
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    Windows 7 1,000 year DVDs?

    According to this article, standard CDs and DVDs have a life of only 3 to 5 years. I had been under the impression that they last decades. If the short life is true, we all need a system to copy disks every few years. The focus of the article, though is a new medium (M-DISKs, optical disks...
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    Small footprint distro generic question

    A number of Linux distros have small footprints that make them especially suited to applications like running them from a USB stick. What accounts for the difference in size compared to the "full" sized distros? What is missing? Is it just that full-sized ones have bloat from being bundled...
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    Linux “survey/brain picking”; Nevermind

    I’m hoping that those of you who are already Linux users will share some insight, perspective, and experience to help guide those of us who are ready to jump in. Some specific questions are listed below. Please answer as much as you feel inclined. All input helps. It is not necessary to...
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    Information on Email Problem with Outlook

    I’ll pass on something I learned that may save others a lot of diagnostic time. After months of wrestling with Outlook crashes, I finally gave up on it and switched to Thunderbird. I then noticed problems with incoming messages that were created in Outlook by others. Embedded graphics and...
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    A Solution for Shockwave problems with Firefox

    Starting relatively recently, many computers running Firefox (V29 and 28, maybe even 27), have been experiencing problems with Shockwave: plug-in crashing, plug-in and Firefox hanging while trying to play Flash videos, videos taking forever to load, etc. I tried the usual fixes unsuccessfully...
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    Another possible solution for Outlook crashing

    For weeks, I've been plagued with flaky performance by Outlook 2007, the worst of which was it crashing when I close a calendar reminder. This is apparently a not-uncommon problem and there are plenty of recommendations online for things to check. None of those solved my problem. I recently...
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    Microsoft Resource for Outlook Crashes

    Came across this link at Microsoft that people may find useful in troubleshooting crashes in Outlook 2007: The link also includes several automated tools to diagnose product instability and configuration issues. The Office Configuration Analyzer Tool...
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    Driver update question

    A common solution to various problems is to update the drivers. There are many third party programs that claim to do that. Virtually every one I have evaluated discovers that almost every driver on my computer is out of date. Often, the ones they find as replacements are either older or the...
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    Actual Solution for System Restore Error Code 0x81000203

    There are a number of old posts regarding this problem and some people were able to fix their problem using the guidance provided. However, many people, including myself, were tearing their hair out because none of the provided suggestions worked. The suggestions included: ensuring Volume...
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    Problem with Win 7 Administrator Account and Printisolationhost.exe

    I started using the Windows 7 built-in administrator account. I basically copied over all of the original user settings to the new administrator account, setting everything up through Windows. I've encountered a situation where it appears that the administrator internal settings are causing a...