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  1. Sp3ctre18

    Windows 8 Start Screen - natural function explained please?

    I figured I'd post here instead of Help and Support since I see that more as technical support, but I understand if this needs to be moved. When a feature looks messy and incomprehensible to me, I just don't use it if I have no real need, so I haven't used the Start screen AT ALL - I just go...
  2. Sp3ctre18

    No handwriting for other languages??

    On all my computer, i install the included language packs (mainly keyboard layouts, but more than that comes with it) for Spanish, French, and recently, Japanese, when I decide i want to try writing / practice in the few japanese kanji and hiragana that I know. :D In win 7, however, it seems...
  3. Sp3ctre18

    wireless wont work. ad hoc work-around?

    (SOLVED) wireless wont work. ad hoc work-around? (SOLVED: see end of this post) relevant PC info in profile. well, tons of support sites out there, enver joiend ones cause so many to choose. got a problem though, and i found this is dedicated to win 7, so im hoping this is my best bed. I...