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  1. kaos

    Remote Installation/Contorl

    Hi guys Im looking for a method where i can install software such as AV's / AM's from my pc to another. Scenario A : A pc has no antivirus on plus no software like MBAM, Instead of redownloading the installer again or transfering them on a USB stick + updates, I want to install the software...
  2. kaos

    IE9 Install on New Machine

    Duplicate thread? you already have this query ongoing with 4 replies
  3. kaos

    How do you use

    What do you use this site for?
  4. kaos

    What do you use windows7 forunms for?

    what you use windows 7 for?
  5. kaos

    Whats your chat up line?

    i thought it would be good for the entertainment value to see what peoples craziest funniest chat up lines they know. They can be anything you want so here it goes Have u got a mirror in your pants, coz i can see myself in them!
  6. kaos

    To Mitchel_A

    Hi Mitchel just wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAVE A GREAT DAY To our great moderator and a good friend Mitchel! :partay: :D
  7. kaos

    To sonny

    :partay: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU :partay: :partay: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU :partay: :partay: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR CHESTER! :partay: :partay: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! :partay: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATE ! :D
  8. kaos

    windows 7 theme

    hi guys im wondering where most of the themes have gone? I used to have one that was all black.. started with Ae i think.... i was just wondering if this is coming back or not im sure its been done for a reason i know but im just curious :)
  9. kaos

    Seach bar - Connection

    Hi. having issues with search on the site? the error CONNECTON TO LOCALHOST:9312 FAILED (ERRNO=111, MSG=CONNECTION REFUSED) connection is fine btw :P restarted etc n u no the rest :) i uploaded a good old picture for peeps to see :)
  10. kaos


    Hi guys just went to a few pages with some code popping up at the top, just wanted to make you aware see screenshot
  11. kaos

    What would you create?

    just curious on what people would say on this :D if you had the chance to invent something new, never been done before, never been thought of what would it be? if you can post the name of the invention and what it does :)
  12. kaos

    GFX Team : kaos is back

    hi guys, i no i not been on much over the last 2 weeks or so n maybe for another 2 weeks ill be on and off i have a perforated ear drum and the pain is rather annoying at times... when people say dont put cotton buds (the ones on the plastic stick thing) in your ear, seriously dont, i did that...
  13. kaos

    Suggestion : Reputation / groups

    hi, i had a suggestion for the website so i hope people can see my idea IDEA 1 i though of having peputation reputation can be given if some one has given good and helpful , i no there is the "like" option if some one likes the post however i thought the idea can be more aimed...