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  1. Dangerously Overclocked

    Windows explorer crash....

    sometimes when i right click a file to copy it from one location to the next, windows explorer will just crash. I have no idea why or what is causing it. if anyone can help it would be great! here is the report... Description Faulting Application Path: C:\Windows\explorer.exe Problem...
  2. Dangerously Overclocked

    "Play To" Xbox 360 Media Center Extender not working.

    When I am playing a song with windows media player I try to "play to" xbox 360 media center extender (yes it is on and in wmc mode : ). and then it trys to stream it. but after less than a minute I get this message "device cannot be controlled" refering to my xbox! anybody got any suggestions? i...
  3. Dangerously Overclocked

    Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service....

    I have seen a 10% increase in RAM usage by turning on this feature. I wrote about it here when I first noticed it. I now have it norrowed down to this process. I use it all the time to...
  4. Dangerously Overclocked

    How much RAM is your PC using?

    After a restart, post how much RAM your PC is using. I will go first!
  5. Dangerously Overclocked

    10% increase in RAM usage in 7100 x64 vs 7048 x64,

    when my computer was idle in 7048 x64 my ram would stay at 15% of 8190mb. Now in 7100 it stays at 25%. Any helpful comments would be great. anyone else noticing this?
  6. Dangerously Overclocked

    Windows 7 6.1.7100.0.winmain_win7rc.090421-1700

    coming soon says paul thurrott! Link Removed - Invalid URL be on the look out for a leak....any day now. also,7618.html
  7. Dangerously Overclocked

    Windows 7 A New UI in Windows 7??? It might be in the Offical RC!

    Paul Thurott seems to think one of the two major Windows 7 announcements is a new Windows 7 UI, the second is probaly the OS's release date. Link Removed - Invalid URL . "There are rumors, too, that a new UI is coming and it may make sense for Microsoft to hold on to that UI for the RTM builds...