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    Windows 7 windows 7 black theme?

    i see this beutiful black theme everywhere but cant actually find a link to download it, could someone tell me where to find this OnlyBlack – Windows 7 Black Theme | Stuffheaven
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    WMP 12 "play to" option greyed out

    okay heres what i want: to veiw music stored on my external HD through wmp12 onto my 360, okay thats not to tough, but heres the catch... i want to veiw that music in the original folder veiw that i have set up on my HD. i read a rumor that the "play to" function may accomplish this...
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    xp to 7 upgrade, now 360 is sad

    ok so here it is, i grabbed a copy of windows 7 and decided to check it out, but after i upgraded i found out all my videos will no longer stream to my 360. so heres how it happened: i had Xp and everything was great, i was streaming my avi's and mp4's to my 360 without a gliche, i used...