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    After recent Microsoft update, Display video cuts off when idle

    After a recent Windows 10 update, I am getting no video to monitor after 2 minutes or so of idle. The OS version is 1607 and the build is 14393.1066. Before the update, computer was running fine. Power plan was not changed. After the update, I noticed that Microsoft added more power plans...
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    Power computer going into idle mode

    I have Windows 10 Pro running on a old Lenovo Thickcentre M58 desktop computer. when the computer is idle for 1 min 30 secs to 2 minutes, it goes into sleep mode even through it is set up for maximum performance power plan. I checked the BIOS and just the hard drive timeout is disabled. My power...
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    Uninstalling software does not remove Microsoft Visual C++

    I have uninstalled old games and programs that does not remove Microsoft Visual C++. Is there a program or a way to find out which program installed is using which version of Visual C++? Can newer version of Visual C++ 2008 x86 9.0 30729.6161 replace all older versions of 2008 9.0s?
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    Windows 10 Pro will not turn off File/Printer sharing on network

    I have my Windows 10 Pro computer to connected to cable modem via Ethernet. I am not using Wi-Fi, just Ethernet only. I discovered two folders that I have not seen before. I deleted the folders and tried to turn off file sharing. I clinked to save changes and looked at the file explorer and...