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  1. whoosh

    SATIRE DUUMB (DOOM 2016/SAGA Cartoon Parody)

    Adult content including expletives ! :p
  2. whoosh

    SATIRE NATO Cafeteria Cold Open - SNL

    :usa: :p
  3. whoosh

    SATIRE Danger In The Home US Style !

    :usa: :p
  4. whoosh

    SATIRE Weekend Update: Moving Forward with Impeachment - SNL

    :usa: :p
  5. whoosh

    POLITICS Trump and Giuliani calls spark spying fears

    :usa: :eek:
  6. whoosh

    POLITICS Watch full video of Nancy Pelosi's impeachment statement

    :usa: :zoned:
  7. whoosh

    POLITICS Watch bitter ending to impeachment hearing

    :usa: 😲
  8. whoosh

    POLITICS Bill Barr Goes FULL Fascist

    :usa: 😲