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  1. Syex

    Network messages stuck above systray

    This has been happening recently every time I boot up. Sometimes its "Not connected - No connections are available" or it can be "Network Internet access" when it is connected. It goes when I double click the network icon but that isn't really a solution as it shouldn't get stuck there in the...
  2. Syex

    LAN Desktop Shortcut doesn't do anything first time its clicked, works second time, very odd!

    Here's an unusual problem that's occurred recently. On my desktop is a shortcut to Local Area Connection, when I click on it for the first time nothing happens but does on the second double click. More detail: Let's say I've booted the computer up for the first time in the day and I go to...
  3. Syex

    How can I stop facebook from asking me if I want to turn on notifications every time I log in.

    This is a recent problem and I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post such a question but I'm getting desperate for an answer and I'm going to keep asking everywhere until there's a fix. Basically every time I log in to facebook this message box appears: As you can see there is no 'don't...
  4. Syex

    Youtube reply loading but fails to show comment.

    Hope this is in the right place, I'm using Windows 7 after all. Something that's been happening a lot lately. I often click on the reply on a comment on youtube videos however, lately a wheel spins for a moment and the comment won't load. I've uploaded a video to youtube, I've blocked some of...
  5. Syex

    PBruteParser winkun.exe

    What the hell is this? !!!
  6. Syex

    IconsCacheHelper.dll Sathurbot Trojan

    This is rather worrying, today Malwarebytes finds a Trojan called Sathurbot however, when the computer reboots after cleaning, it's back in the icons folder. also google isn't aware of it's existence: Can anyone shed any light on this, much appreciated.
  7. Syex

    Windows 'Expolrer' entry in Firewall. Not a spelling error.

    Looking at my Windows Firewall allowed programs I found 2 entries called Windows Expolrer - note the spelling of explorer. One of them is ticked for Home/Work, the other for Public. Why are there two instances of this 'file' and more importantly, why can't I delete them? I've searched the...
  8. Syex

    Cannot close Hotmail Account. Verification email address doesn't exist

    Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this topic, however, I'm at the end of my tether with a certain Hotmail account at the moment. I've been having problems with this for a long time. As a result I decided the account was toast so want to close it. Here's what happens: 1. This is the...
  9. Syex

    Windows 7 search locks up computer when going up one level from results

    Windows 7 built in search is terrible. For a start it starts searching before you've finished typing the search term. It doesn't display the folder path in search results. When I click on a folder and then try to go back or up one level it hangs my computer to the point where I have to force...
  10. Syex

    Not enough padding!

    I do like W7 but there are one or two annoyances, one particular annoyance is that there isn't enough padding or empty space around files in a folder when you want to select them, (when you have large icons selected that is!) XP was ok for that, it didn't matter what size icons one had... Not a...
  11. Syex

    What does the '-k' mean after svchost.exe?

    Probably an odd question, however, i'd like to know the answer. It's to do with that svchost.exe thing that's running. When I typed svchost.exe in a search engine sometimes it'll say something like 'svchost.exe -k netsvcs' what is the meaning of '-k'? I like to know these things! lol...