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    Side Dock (Left/Right side of screen) for Windows 10

    Is there a Side Dock for Windows 10, that will give you a Dock on either left or right side (instead of the top or bottom) … ? I found RocketDock, which I really like, sorta like the old Mac Dock, but I would like to add a Side Dock also …..
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    Image Editing Apps .....

    What apps would you recommend ? I need either a free, or very inexpensive, app to adjust brightness and contrast for images. Here is an example of a new webpage I created with a background. But I need the background to be light enough, so words and links are clearly readable. >>>...
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    Can't Delete Files in Download Folder .....

    I have many files in the Downloads Folder that I need to Delete, but cannot. I keep getting this same error when I try to delete the files. I tried copying the files I need to one of the partitions, which was successful, but still cannot delete any of the files.
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    File Management and Delete Duplicates ...

    *** What app would you recommend for File Management …. I would like to be able to see how many documents I have, where they are … and what format they are …. how many other files I have > Music > videos > Apps ….. *** Also, would like an app to Find Duplicates, and delete the Duplicates ….
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    Hyperthreading .....

    Does my Dell Inspiron 17" 5770 have Hyperthreading ... ?
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    Monitor Temperature > Which App ?

    Is this a safe app to download ?
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    Ejecting HDs and Flash Drives ...

    Is it safe to keep hard drives and flash drives connected all the time (Windows 10), even when shutting down everyday ... ? Or should I use the Eject feature to be safe ... ?
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    AIVANT AC Power Bank

    Good news, so far ... My new AIVANT AC Power Bank 42000mAh/200W is charging my Dell Inspiron 17" 8th Generation i7 Laptop ... up to 58% in around 50 minutes. This unit is small enough that I can carry around in a backpack, or messenger bag. The Power Bank measures: 7-3/4"x5-1/2"x1-3/4".
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    RAVPower 32000mAh Battery Pack

    Would a RAVPower 32000mAh battery pack be safe to use with my Dell Inspiron 5770 laptop ?
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    PDF Editing Software for Windows 10 ...

    Is there any really good and reliable software for editing PDF files in Windows 10 ... ? I tried Soda PDF, but could only edit 2 PDF files !!! So that is not an option. I want to be able to edit the text in PDF files, but keep the formatting and images the same.