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    bios b'stards

    A simple plea (far beyond the remit of this forum). I know that the windows universe is a rich and diverse one, That's why I remain with it. Mostly, it's too good; unchained as it is from the rigours of conformity & standardisation that makes Apple corp's life so easy. & so godamned smug...
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    Slipstream SATA drivers?

    Haven't checked if the Vlite people have made this possible yet, but how else am I to get the necessary drivers into an install? An *.exe of the drivers won't (presumably) install from the Win7 'load drivers' window, and anytime I've run the exe elsewhere, and written to a dvd, the same 'load...
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    GParted for clean install 7 ultimate 64bit?

    Is it enough, or should I go through the more traditional fdisk & format route? I'm getting nowhere with Ultimate 64. I reckon my bios is from sometime early 2008. Got it to install once, then after downloading 8 or so Windows updates, machine refused to restart. Everything in the PC is maybe a...