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    How to set priority at process/application start?

    Hello! I need to start applications in any priority to avoid interferre their access. How is possible to select priority (real-time, high, low etc.) for application or process start? Thank you for all. Miro
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    Windows 10 How to find what blocks/eats Ctrl+X/C/V keypresses in some processes?

    Hello! I have tuned Windows 10.1909 x64 Pro with many extensions. I found problem with using cut, copy and paste by shortcuts Ctrl+X/C/V. Still is possible to cut, copy and paste only by context menu. But - not in whole OS - mainly in Explorer and file dialogs and some applications. Really I'm...
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    Windows 10 How to recursively remove all PRG and P00 file extensions? E.g. in batch

    Hello! I need to recursively to remove all extensions PRG and P00 on single partition. I know that recursively can work XCOPY, but renaming is other task. How to create batch to remove all these extensions of files and folders (if exist) recursively? Thank you for each help, suggestion or...
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    Connecting PC to other via serial - how to do it?

    Hi! I need to transfer data between my PC (Windows 10.1903 x64 Pro) and notebook with MS-DOS 7.10 (also Windows 3.11 for Workgroups - but without Win32s) I want to use serial port 'cause DOS is not so familiar with USB. I know that serial transfer was possible even on my hobby computers -...
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    Windows 10 CMD.EXE - How to fix command output into variable

    Hi! I tried to send command output to variable. I'm using is in Windows 10.1903 x64 I used syntax: SET /P variable= | command I used batch by context menu to get word, characters and lines count in text file using old WC tool (it's great). First I used only copying output into clipboard by...
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    How to sync time with internet server at login?

    Hi! I found old laptop and installed there Windows 7 SP1 Pro x86. Laptop has discharged CMOS battery and it is placed deep on motherboard as is near not accessible. I think why designers left easier access to CPU instead CMOS battery? I have no choice than at power-on only confirm load defaults...
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    Turn on/off monitor(s) by command

    Hi! I'm new here. I have installed Windows 10.1903 Pro x64. I'm using many ways to realize tasks. Now I want to ask if is possible to turn on or off monitor (in my case 3 monitors) connected to computer by any command. Best in command line - it needs not extra options, I can plan it by my wish...