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  1. Ralph Bromley

    The user friendly Linux list 2019

    Hey windows forums long time no see! Anywho on a few other tech forums with a linux section I go to I try to manke a anual list of Linux distros for windows users to try on the side and with Linus covering Linux recently I actually have a list of linux distros to try. 1: Linux Mint 19.1...
  2. Ralph Bromley

    Vista's end of life and what to do about it

    This topic is targeted at Vista users mainly who may visit here only for Vista support. On April 11, 2017 support for Vista will officially end meaning that there will be no more security updates, no more official support from Microsoft period and you will be left with a unsecure OS. I highly...
  3. Ralph Bromley

    Windows 10 Reinstalled windows 10... will not activate!

    Okay so today I was having some major issues with windows 10, apps were taking forever to load and i did a defrag and after some more issues i decided to reinstall windows. But for some reason i keep on getting a error 0xC004C003. So windows 10 as of now is unactivated, I had a valid key and I...
  4. Ralph Bromley

    Vivaldi: the new kid on the block

    In recent years it seems like nearly every browser under the sun has become a clone of google chrome in some form or fashion. From Opera,to Maxthon, to Edge to even Firefox looking more like chrome then it does its own browser. Its attack of the chrome clones and its gotten very stale and...
  5. Ralph Bromley

    November update hell

    Okay serious issue trying to do the November update (threshold 2), I have tried both methods of updating via the windows update and the iso but neither work. I am very close to grabbing my other hard drive and using windows 7 again or just using Linux only. Argleflargleblargle!
  6. Ralph Bromley

    Watch out for a silent update with windows 10

    Just a heads up, when i got done with my last windows 10 session my system hung during restart. I personally had a bug like this before so I just restarted manually as windows gave me no prompt that the system was updating. But it was and when resuming windows I got the updating prompt and...
  7. Ralph Bromley

    Windows 10 Fan speeding up with no reason in windows 10

    Okay having a very annoying issue with win10 as of late and its been baffling the heck out of me, my CPU fan without any good reason speeds up every so often in windows 10. It doesnt do it in Linux, I have tried an array of software removals, virus scans, system shutdowns, cleaning dust out my...
  8. Ralph Bromley

    Clock is wrong all the time now

    Okay new bug, I dual boot fine but each time I boot into windows the time is always wrong. I tried various methods to fix it but for some reason windows wont sync with the time servers. I dont know why, but its bothering me
  9. Ralph Bromley

    By downloading Windows 10 you are allowing Microsoft to spy on you

    By downloading Windows 10 you are allowing Microsoft to spy on you You see THIS is why i am a linux user, once more Microsoft screws it up it seems according to all the backlash.
  10. Ralph Bromley

    Random freeze outs with no explanation during shutdown

    Once in a while, when the moon is high and the stars are aligned i guess Windows 10 full stop freezes with no reason nor any cause during shutdown. It also happens during normal operations once in a while. Its not a memory issue, I mean 12 gigs of ram memory should not be a problem. Its not my...
  11. Ralph Bromley

    The ghost of Windows 7! OOOH!

    Let me tell you the terrifying (Not really) tale of the ghost of Windows 7. It started on a wednesday, just like this one (or a Thursday in another time zone) A man had upgraded to the latest windows 10 and for the last week has been enjoying it for the most part. But then update KB3081424 came...
  12. Ralph Bromley

    Argh! 1628 error!

    Okay so something went wrong with one of my apps, I want to reinstall it it but I am getting the 1628 error now. The problem is NONE if the solutions I read online seem to apply for windows 10, most seem to pertain to windows 7 or 8. I dont want to reintall the whole OS or roll back because of...
  13. Ralph Bromley

    My upgrade expereince from windows 7 Pro to Windows 10

    My video on my experience with the windows 10 experience
  14. Ralph Bromley

    Replace my case! (poll for chasis replacement)

    Okay so my birthday is coming this September and well after replacing my motherboard and processor i think its time for a new case as my old one is sadly falling apart, my front face plate barely latches on now with pieces snapped off due to long term wear and tear. My old case is a In Win...
  15. Ralph Bromley

    Mixing memory card brands, dun dun duuun!

    So recently I had to get new hardware for my rig. My old motherboard sadly died so new processor, new motherboard. Switched from a AMD Phenom II X6 1055T to a Intel Core i5 4460 and only had an issue due to my motherboard using AHCI and my setup was for IDE but no blue screens after I changed my...
  16. Ralph Bromley

    microsoft office for android, mixed results and feelings

    I've been using my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 as my primary device in recent months as opposed to my desktop As I am trying to embrace the mobile age and one of the things that I'm a little bit disappointed in is that a lot of its office apps are not too good with a lot of catches like subscriptions...
  17. Ralph Bromley

    Liars clowns and thieves: Microsofts folly

    Well so much for my want to install windows 7 again after hearing that windows 7 will get the upgrade to windows 10 for free. According to articles and keynotes Windows 7 users will be allowed to upgrade to windows 10 for free, but according to my last phone call to Microsoft this wont be the...
  18. Ralph Bromley

    So what really is Microsofts worst system in the end?

    Now seeing the title above I am sure most will say "ME!" but lets take a look one of Micrsofts biggest issues: Inconsistencies between OS versions. Now as a linux user I have had my fare share of UI changes, features given/removed, nitpicks and nags but since it is more or less a community...
  19. Ralph Bromley

    Freeware/opensource recovery backup tools for windows

    Okay so here is the scoop inb my latest computing adventure: I have a friend from work who needed me to get his internet working, okay fine i got it working easy enough, just using standard windows 7 stuff no issues. However his main family computer is another story. My friends father got a...
  20. Ralph Bromley

    UEFI/secureboot preventing linux bootup, can I remove it but still have windows 8.1 work?

    Okay now I have an issue with windows, namely secureboot and UEFI. This is not for my computer but for my fathers machine. As an early birthday present I got my father a HP Pavilion laptop that came preinstalled with windows 8.1 but he didnt like it and wanted a dual boot. So I gave him Ubuntu...