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  1. seekermeister

    Zap Cane

    I came across a cane that interests me: For the most part, it seems popular, but often reviews speak of the fact that it can't be used in wet conditions, which means that I couldn't use it as my regular cane. I've found other self defense canes, but...
  2. seekermeister

    Logitech Alternative

    I applied for an RMA on my M570 on 2-21-14, and received 4 responses spread out during this interval, the last of which I just read, and it said that my case was resolved, but if I hadn't received a reply to call them. I never received anything from them to resolve this one way or another, but...
  3. seekermeister

    WD40EZRX vs WD4001FAEX

    I'm familiar with the basic differences in these drives, as far as specs go. I'm quite familiar with the WD30EZRX drives, but am wondering if I can expect similar reliability in the 4TB green label drive, or if they have any kind of bugs that I should be aware of? I would like to get a 4TB...
  4. seekermeister


    Here is a prayer worthy of one's attention, whether one believes in God or not: God grant me the serenity To accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time Enjoying one moment at a time Accepting hardships...
  5. seekermeister

    Streaming Music

    I've been looking for a means and source for listening to music. I sometimes can find something I like on AOL Radio, but it always shuts down after a few songs, claiming that the player has gone to sleep (reality is that is their way to limit it usage). The only option that seems to work on...
  6. seekermeister

    Erasing A Drive

    The drive in my HTPC failed and I'm going to RMA it. Nothing unusual about that, but with this one I can't find a way to access it for data erasure prior to shipping, and that bothers me. The system partition doesn't contain anything too sensitive...that I remember, but it does have additional...
  7. seekermeister

    Opera vs Chrome

    A video downloader that I use has the option to use different browser kernels to download with. In the past, I've always used IE, but recently it keeps popping a splash screen recommending the use of Chrome instead. Apparently, the downloader doesn't have that kernel within itself, because...
  8. seekermeister

    Aluminum Polish

    A model aircraft I ordered just arrived: It looks good, but knowing from experience that polished aluminum will lose it's polish over time, I'm going to buy some polish for it, but am unsure as...
  9. seekermeister

    Ancient Aliens Debunked

    Since I got the feeling that some on the forum might have bitten on the AA bait, I thought I should post this video to counter it:
  10. seekermeister

    Windows 7 Digital Camera

    Since it appears that my old camera has gone partially inop, I'm thinking of buying another. However I used the old one so little, that I didn't learn much that is of use in buying something else. I want one that is reliable as possible with a good warranty of a good name brand, at a price of...
  11. seekermeister

    Kaspersky Pure3.0

    This AV seems pretty good, with one seems as though it never stops scanning, which causes other programs to respond slowly. I set it to check updates only once a day, early in the morning, hoping that it would only scan with a new update, but that isn't the case. I've gone...
  12. seekermeister


    I will start by admitting that I'm a conservative, and initially supported Bush's actions in response to the World Trade Center, but after viewing this video: That has changed. I still consider myself a conservative, but not...
  13. seekermeister

    Barcode Scanner

    I have a barcode scanner that hasn't given any problems in the past, but now when I connect it to one of my front USB ports, it lights up and pings to indicate that it is working, Windows chimes indicating that it is connected, and when I scan a barcode, it chirps to indicate that it is read...
  14. seekermeister


    I have a HP5510v printer, which works fine, except when printing a webpage it never prints the page as it is actually organized. It ignores lines, spacing, etc. and jams everything together into a single paragraph. I have tried everything in the print options, but nothing seems to make a...
  15. seekermeister

    Protected Data

    I really don't think that it can be done, but I shall ask anyway. I want a method that permits me to give some data to another person, that can't be read until the time of my death. I do not want to have to rely on the honesty of that person to honor this trust. I know that there are legal...
  16. seekermeister

    Keeping Flash Drive Connected

    I tend to keep some of my flash drives connected, simply because it is a convenient way to keep track of them. However a thought just crossed my mind, that since I have noticed that sometimes the activity light on my external SATA drives flash when they are not in use, perhaps that is because...
  17. seekermeister

    Desktop Position

    I've had a problem for a while now, with my secondary monitor's desktop being offset ~1/4" to the left. I've tried every combination of settings in the Nvidia Control Panel, but none changes this in the least. In fact, the control on the Position tab doesn't seem to work at all. It's not a...
  18. seekermeister

    Incense Burner

    I just tried out a burner that I bought: And am having the dickens keeping it lit. It came with a single roll of charcoal disks, which are unlabeled, so they may be the problem, but since I've never messed...
  19. seekermeister

    Indian Summer

    I know it not going to last, probably more than just today, but with the temperature at 70+ degrees, it officially Indian Summer here. A nice break from the snow and cold of recent days.
  20. seekermeister


    Although I have had it work properly on my system in the past, it has been a while. Now when I select a video to play, the video loads and plays in ultra slow motion. This has continued even after a clean installation of W7, and with different video cards. It does work properly when booted...