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    Installed and activated 32bit home premium

    So since I was not wanting to get locked out trying to upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit I installed the 32 bit and activated it. Now If I want to try and install the 64 bit like everyone says you can do with no problems on activation, if I do that now will it not work since I've all ready activated...
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    Win7 system repair disc and system image

    Hi, how well do these programs work? Win7 home premium 32bit................... which I wish was 64!
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    Ready to install

    Wish me luck! LOL
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    Anything common with all the problems installing?

    Seems like there has to be some common factors with everyone having problems installing. Chipset, video, drivers etc. that is preventing installs, Maybe other versions had a lot of trouble also and I never heard about them all since I didn't check forums back then but for an os that is suppose...
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    Chipset drivers

    Hi, I've done the most recent bios flash and I'm thinking that the chipset update needs to be installed after installing win7 since I don't think it installs anything that would be helpful for wiping out the old os for the new or does it install something for the bios also? I'm attaching the...
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    Upgrade from Vista

    Hi, I would really like to do a fresh install but then I won't have the software that came preinstalled on my hp laptop that I would like to keep using and yes the upgrade adviser says that my software will work with win7. I'm thinking that I will backup and then use my restore cd's to put it...
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    aol 9.1

    Anyone get this working? I'm having trouble with it. Windows 7 Beta 64bit Thanks HP G60 120US, 2ghz AMD Turion X2 RM-70 Dual Core Mobile, 3gig ram, NVIDIA GeForce 8200M