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    Help with new monitor

    The monitor I've been using is an old Benq Q24W5 with an ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series graphics card set to 1920x1200. I've been given a more up to date Benq SW2700PT monitor but I can’t get it to work. It's ok when the PC boots up but as soon as Windows 10 starts to load it turns off saying there's...
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    "This content cannot be displayed in a frame"

    I get reports of people receiving the above error when accessing my website North Hampshire Organists' Association on Windows 7 using Internet Explorer but works ok on other browsers. I don't get the error myself so I can't directly investigate it. I tried Googling the issue but all the results...
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    Sound Problem

    Can anybody advise please on a sound problem that I've lived with for years and never found a solution to, even though I listen to music a lot. The problem only occurs when listening on headphones, the speakers are ok. I tend to leave the headphones plugged in to avoid disturbance but there's...
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    Plagued with constant audio noise

    I often record programmes from on-line radio but they are marred with constant audio noises in the background consisting of pops, clicks crackles and whistles. It seems to be worse when there's processor and network activity (like when recording) and appears to change when the display changes...
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    System Noise

    A couple years ago I bought a Samsung laptop with Win7 64bit solely to store my CD collection as MP3 tracks on iTunes, connected to a surround amp. All worked very well but recently I haven't been able to listen to any music due to the constant background noise of pops and crackles that has...