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  1. acme

    Windows 7 Firewall test

    Tried my Windows 7 firewall, 64bit IE9, with TinyWall Firewall and it scored higher than the Comodo Firewall and the standard Windows 7 firewall in a test. Used Comodo Firewall tester and GRC leaktest . :thumbs_up: :redface: No Pop-ups using the Tiny Wall firewall since it enhances the...
  2. acme

    Too much asking...Outlook 2010

    How do you get the small box thingy to stop popping up all the time asking for my password for Microsoft Outlook 2010 ? It will stop for a week then start up and ask me every 10 minutes :confused: Anybody have this problem? :(
  3. acme

    Windows 7 Wise Care

    Does anybody use this utility cleaner ? Wise Care 365 Wise Care 365 - Stabilize, Secure and Speed Up Your Windows PC with One Click! I tried it on my PC and it actually made it run better :) It's free and cleaned more than CCleaner. :)
  4. acme

    ON - Off Security

    I get a red flag from the little ACTION CENTER icon at bottom once a week saying that my anti-virus, firewall, anti spyware is off. But my Norton 360 isn't off, just the ACTION CENTER on the Control Center SECURITY SETTINGS shows OFF. I have to turn my 360 off and on to reset it. Never...
  5. acme

    Glary Utilities forum ?

    Hi, Has anybody tried to open Glary's forum? No activity in weeks. Just wondering if it's still working :confused: Thanks :)