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    Secondary, non-boot I want MBR or GBT?

    Here you go: Hard Drive - GPT or MBR - Windows 7 Forums
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    How to open jar file?

    MicroEmulator - Usage ...this should get you started anyway.....:cool:
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    How to open jar file?

    How to open a Jar file? .......:cool:
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    External drive worked once only.

    I agree on the USB issue hence the test. If the USB port works then we test the cable, then the hard drive compatibility and so forth. Gotta track down the issue one way or another. Could be the drives are just too darn old, who knows.......some bios are finnicky.
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    External drive worked once only.

    Try plugging a known good Usb flashdrive into the same port on the laptop. If it is recognized then you know the issue is with the external drive cable or hard drive(s) itself eg: the old drives could be SATA 1.5 and not compatible with the laptop storage controller etc. Even though SATA is...
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    Hard Drive preventing booting

    As explained specifically above, each hard drive has it's own MBR onboard. Do a thorough Google search to understand what role the MBR plays and it's possible recovery. Folks pay BIG bucks to recover data trapped on an HDD with a corrupt MBR. Easy fix: trash the hard drive and buy another. It's...
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    Hard Drive preventing booting

    It's an MBR issue. Plain and simple. "A Master Boot Record (MBR) is a special type of Link Removed due to 404 Error at the very beginning of Link Removed due to 404 Error computer Link Removed due to 404 Error like Link Removed due to 404 Error or Link Removed due to 404 Error intended for use...
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    DVD Driver Fix

    Re: no luck Another option: Enable or Disable Driver Signing in Windows 7
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    Unlocking the 4th core

    you are exactly correct as a little google search will confirm. Why mobo manufacturers ever came out with this misleading marketing ploy defies logic. anyhoo, kudos for a great post.....:cool:
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    3rd monitor crash

    Apparently to enable ATI EyeFinity the 3rd monitor must be connected through a Displayport. Digerati is right. Eyefinity runs off the installed vid cards only. Details here: How to set up Eyefinity? - [H]ard|Forum
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    How to fix overscan with TFT monitor and HDMI output from onboard core i5?

    Agreed. When I went from a 22" to a 27" monitor I ran into that problem. Monitor was running at native res and I have plenty of Crossfired Graphix horsepower but I still had a 2" border around my desktop. So I went online to find a fix. The Catalyst Control Center makes it real easy. Apparently...
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    How to fix overscan with TFT monitor and HDMI output from onboard core i5?

    Yup, This is the correct diagnosis/solution. Also, here's an easy fix for ATI cards/monitor: Link Removed due to 404 Error
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    POST stalls at USB drive

    check the partition on the usb drive. make sure it is designated "basic" and not "active"..........................
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    The computer she has is perfect for her needs. Her problems stem from her internet package. Slow web load times and buffering speeds are all internet related. The addition of an SSD was an excellent suggestion by whs. An internet speed upgrade sounds mandatory in this case.....
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    BSOD on windows 7 64bit only!

    Best advice: boot into the bios. Load defaults. Save + Exit. Run computer for a couple hours. See if your previous bios settings were the problem....
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    Cannot format my harddrive..I need

    Feedback is always a good thing. Can you post the supporting technical reference (or a link) that will substantiate your conclusion? I know you wouldn't make such an assertion without a valid reason.......and I'm always eager to learn something new as long as it's backed up by research from a...
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    Windows Disk Defragmenter vs. the other same programs.

    well, i remember the built in defrag that came with xp. worked great on C drive but when it came to defragging my storage drives it totally messed up the partition on one and cooked 1/2 a TB worth of data on the other. Don't know if the Win7 defragger is any better but I don't trust it anymore...
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    Cannot format my harddrive..I need

    Best advice: Don't do anything drastic till you get yourself a Win7 disc (preferably Win7 Ultimate)...Backing up data is always a good idea..........
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    Cannot format my harddrive..I need

    I've been through this with my HP laptop. If you have a win7 install disc: 1- boot from Win7 disc 2- delete ALL partitions on hard drive 3-install Win7 on the Full unpartitioned space 4- you've just successfully taken back control of your machine. Win7 will install on "C" and create a tiny...
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    trouble with disc drive!

    if you could post the exact model number of the LG optical drive (listed in Win7 device manager) that would be most helpful..... ....