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  1. ussnorway

    Windows bar does not work

    How was Windows update turned off i.e, correctly from the services panel or by mucking around in the regedit tool? Yes it could be related but other things like 3rd party desktop customisers are also common Sent from my SP9 using Windows Forums mobile app
  2. ussnorway

    Share your Windows 10 desktop

    made a new desktop for the new year image is Above Downunder by Ussnorway thanks to Nasa for the base model; International Space Station tools = Photoshop + Dimension + Universe Sandbox sur
  3. ussnorway

    VIDEO Are Wireless Gaming Mice ACTUALLY Faster??

    no they are not but if you spend big $ they can be the same speed
  4. ussnorway

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.. TO ALL

    we have a few fires downunder so this Christmas day we got what we really needed... and cool day off!
  5. ussnorway

    End of Days for Muse and so long to BC

    Photoshop is an image editor but its true many people use it to cut images down into smaller sizes before posting them on the internet... you can use other software to do this part and the main edge Photoshop has is the option to do them in bulk i.e, every image in this folder instead of one at...
  6. ussnorway

    you can vote for whom ever you like mate if you post links here I will remove them and if you...

    you can vote for whom ever you like mate if you post links here I will remove them and if you attack people that vote different to you I will lock | remove as needed
  7. ussnorway

    i'm not a programmer but i'm looking for help to secure a physical server i have.

    1 thing mate, a server in europe comes under their laws... your vpn laptop is likly to be what is setting off red flags 2 secure my server has two meaning; that you stop people getting into the files without your permission that you can recover those files when some disaster kills the server 3...
  8. ussnorway

    Need help deciding on 2 components for new pc build

    yes hope you are just gaming mate
  9. ussnorway

    Need some clarification about WSUS server

    its a senario that happens a lot when Windows 7 people first start playing in Windows 10 networks... sud printers and what not stop talking to the network to be clear, yes a well made network can run Windows 10 with Windows 7 etc but its the same as running Mac and Windows together... most...
  10. ussnorway

    Need some clarification about WSUS server

    WSUS is the service... it runs on a server and gets its updates from Microsoft then other computer log into that server to collect their updates the point is that these computers are not going to the internet {and therefore Microsoft} themselves and you can control which updates are used i.e...
  11. ussnorway

    Introduce Yourself.

    welcome aboard
  12. ussnorway

    Account verification when overseas

    i have had the same issue when i use a proxy server... the Microsoft system is fucked up but in my case a phone tech was how I got around it i.e, rang an actuall person
  13. ussnorway


    red sky = have your bags packed guys... i may have to move in a rush this week
  14. ussnorway

    VIDEO Willy Wagtail chicks

    this way out son
  15. ussnorway

    VIDEO Willy Wagtail chicks
  16. ussnorway

    COMEDY Stargazing - SNL

    vid doesn't play mate
  17. ussnorway

    VIDEO Willy Wagtail chicks

    if play button doesn't show then click on image of birds to get the full screen
  18. ussnorway

    VIDEO Willy Wagtail chicks
  19. ussnorway

    POLITICS Congress Wasn't Notified About Military Raid That Killed ISIS Leader | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

    he is right... by US law its up to him so this is a nothing report