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  1. bassfisher6522

    Can't Turn Off What Isn't There

    Sometimes this can be the result of a power issue with the USB port, especially if you're using front panel USB ports. Try using one of the USB ports on the I/O of mobo on the back of PC.
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    hyper link inserts

    Is there a way to change the color on the hyper link inserts? The color to the text now blends in to well to tell if there is a hyper link or not. Example: Avast Code Injection Vulnerability
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    Your web browser is not using a secure enough connection

    Uninstall AVG.....Once done, MS built in AV will automatically kick in. Then download Malwarebytes free version and run it. Then download Ccleaner and run it. Then I would reboot.....see if that doesn't fix it for you.
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    new chrome feature with latest update

    uninstall chrome and reinstall it and see what happens.
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    new chrome feature with latest update

    Since the latest chrome update.....has anyone noticed that annoying balloon that shows up when you hoover your mouse over the tab of a open browser. If you want to get rid of it along with that annoying volume.exe popup when watching a video and you need to adjust the's how...
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    Discord Altering Malware

    I've never liked it as it always seemed to act funny and I just had the eerie feeling about it. I've tried it twice and quit using it. And since, have done a clean install.
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    Since the original posting....watching the news where congress is interrogating Mark Zuckerberg, were he's pushing for crypto currency. He stated "if we don't do it the Chinese will". Well well.......Hmmmm!
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    Anyone Know how to get rid of this

    IDK why MS even changed it in the first place.
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    I’m experiencing a no boot device on my windows 7 3010 optiplex.

    Did you change the CMOS battery? After you do that and still experiencing the issue.....your HDD may be failing. If that's the case....I would save anything of importance to a USB drive or a portable USB HDD. Then replace the HDD with a new drive. I recommend a SSD. They are inexpensive these...
  10. bassfisher6522

    I’m experiencing a no boot device on my windows 7 3010 optiplex.

    HDD symptoms like you're experiencing and date/time is showing wrong information. BTW: LOVE the site......smooth JAZZ....Hell Yah! Listening to it as I type this.
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    I’m experiencing a no boot device on my windows 7 3010 optiplex.

    Sounds like a cmos battery failure. Which I find happens a lot with Dells. Just buy a new battery and replace it.
  12. bassfisher6522

    Intermittent wireless keyboard

    Check your batteries.....may need to be replaced.
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    This is the rest of that sentence........"unless you know what you are doing" DDU should not be used every time you install a new driver unless you know what you are doing.
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    USB External Hard Drive will not eject

    This is what I would do.....I would use Revo Uninstaller and uninstall iTunes. Once that is done, the do the advanced scan to find all the left overs, then delete those. Then reboot. Then download a new copy of iTunes and install it on the C or D drive.......keeping it's entire contents on...
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    USB External Hard Drive will not eject

    I'm pretty sure the issue is you have itunes installed on C drive and your iTunes library on the external HDD. You need to put them on the same drive....ideally on the C drive.
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    OFFICE 365

    I thought Office 365 was subscription based. When your subscription expires you have to follow the "renewal" process. Office 365 Personal renewal process - Google Search
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    Windows 10, lost password.

    When did that take place? I can and have done this numerous times with windows 10. Doing a clean install and assigning a new user name and password and have a new PC for clients.
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    Time between switching OSs

    Are you dual booting off of the same drive?
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    How to install Microsoft 2007 in windows 10

    I'm assuming you mean Office 2007?
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    BSOD with wireless USB adapter

    Me either....but If I had to could be the age of the device or device itself is going bad (it happens). It could be a MS update that is causing the issue....but hard to track and confirm that (try a google search for that). Or it could be the fact the you're using Avast to update...