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  1. NerferMC

    'This app can't open' - Windows 8.1 Metro app

    I have the weather app which is just working fine...randomly changes the app name from "Weather" to "App", or "Reading List App" to "Microsoft.ReadingList". Other Windows store apps like FreshPaint randomly stops working too...I don't know whats happening even with "dism" commands.
  2. NerferMC

    Explorer.exe UI just messed up

    I accidentally used a theme which I really wanted in my windows 8 pc, but since I reverted it back to normal...My taskbar, metro apps, systen ui, and file explorer has messed up. -When using a metro app, UI freezes and no longer works (app switcher, charms, taskbar) requires crtl+alt+del and...
  3. NerferMC

    Desktop folder thumbnails and video thumbnails are not showing

    Since my computer is prone to Bluescreens (separate article), My Video thumbnails and some dektop folder thumbnails are not showing. I don't think if this is related to the bluescreen I'm saying. It is very annoying and especially I cannot find my videos easily. (note that the attached photo...
  4. NerferMC

    'npsvctrig.sys' causing BSOD on Windows 8.1

    I'm starting to get frequent Bluescreens, always having an error code PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. I checked the event viewer, before the bluescreen, there is an event called 'npsvctrig.sys' with FilterManager File System Filter 'npsvctrig' (6.3, ‎2013‎-‎08‎-‎22T12:10:04.000000000Z) has...
  5. NerferMC

    No Preview displaying on Math Input Panel (Win 8.1)

    I wanted to put some math equations in my documents, but in Input Panel, no such previews are showing. It worked before Windows 7. Now, I just upgraded a year ago, still the same problem. In some sites, I tried to search about this problem a lot but no such solutions. I can't even re-enable the...
  6. NerferMC

    Microsoft broken sign-up

    How can I fix this problem? I made a new microsoft email then microsogt sent an email to the new email, then the account where the sended email does'nt exists.
  7. NerferMC

    No 32-bit version for JDK 10

    I need the 32-bit version of Java Development Kit SE 10 (JDK SE 10), but oracle just shows the 64-bit version.
  8. NerferMC

    Laptop speakers sounds buzzy

    This all started during the rainy season. Then afterwards, Laptop speakers got wet. Please help me how do can I fix this. I can't explain this problem properly. Please don't tell me to buy a new speaker or to Open the machine.
  9. NerferMC

    Laptop filled with ants inside the machine.

    Hi guy! My laptop filled with ants because of rainy season. It entered on the tiny holes for CPU fan. Now, My laptop wont turn on. Turns on by a tiny chance, then shuts down randomly. Please help me how to fix it, Not in a sarcastic way.
  10. NerferMC

    Windows Media Player showing incorrect album art in all songs

    Hi! I just got a song with an album art, but it turn all of songs turn into same. How do can I fix this? I want to avoid Copyright infringement.
  11. NerferMC

    Media creation tool "The parameter is incorrect"

    Hi! I have another PC that needs reinstall because of bunch of bugs with Windows 10, Now, I need Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit ISO but the media creation tool keep saying "The Parameter is incorrect" I cannot use the USB option on media creation tool because the USB were used by rufus and may not work...
  12. NerferMC

    Documents folder messed up with folder that I didn't create

    Every time I install a program, A folder was created inside the Documents folder automatically. How do I stop this and move to different directory?
  13. NerferMC

    Activation error 0x8007000D

    I have just recently fixed on my own the error code"0x8007007B" by allowing it on Windows Firewall, now I got another problem, which was called 0x8007000D "Error code: 0x8007007D Error description: The data is invalid" I don't have Idea how to fix this problem. I searched the whole internet...
  14. NerferMC

    Activation error 0x8007007B

    Whenever I try to activate my PC, an error shows 0x8007007B. The error message says: "The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax name is incorrect" I searched the whole web, But no solution works. most of the solution were made for the error code 0x8007232B. And I don't know what MAK...