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  1. Josephur

    Windows 10 Windows 10 won't boot up, please help

    Sounds to me like the drive is defective. The clean command cleans all partitions, and boot records etc. Nothing is left on the disk afterwards.
  2. Josephur

    Windows 10 Windows 10 won't boot up, please help

    You can also press Shift+F10 while Windows 10 Setup is running before you get to the select target for install portion and do a diskpart, select the correct disk, and issue the clean command.
  3. Josephur

    I have a problem with several partitions on my C: drive

    It looks to me that your partitions are fine, looks just like any Dell/HP OEM System, what it sounds to me is that something has used massive amounts of space on your C drive. I'd suggest a program like WinDirStat and/or Everything to figure out what is taking all your disk space.
  4. Josephur

    Schedule specific time to run a task

    This is built into Windows 10, simply launch the defrag program and click on the Change Settings button to change the schedule.
  5. Josephur

    Installing Windows 10 on a Dell Inspiron 15 M5030 laptop (fix for the black screen during setup)

    The links are in the description of the YouTube video, click on the YouTube icon on the video to go to the videos page then look below the video. That being said the links may be old, as the video is a bit old now, let me know if they no longer work and will attempt to fix them.
  6. Josephur

    Windows 10 Version 1909-18363.476 You broke file explorer search

    Let's face the fact, Windows Search has sucked for a very long time. Download Everything and be done with it :)
  7. Josephur

    How can I check my installed OpenVPN version?

    Also to manually update the binaries you will have to find the latest OpenVPN binaries (2.4.8 as of time of this post), then copy them manually to overwrite your VPN software's version. Hopefully that is pretty straightforward. You can right click, properties your openvpn.exe file to see which...
  8. Josephur

    How can I check my installed OpenVPN version?

    I think the OP means he uses a VPN service such as NordVPN, PureVPN, etc that uses OpenVPN as it's connection software. In this case it depends on the program but for PureVPN for instance you can find the OpenVPN binaries here: C:\Program Files (x86)\PureVPN\ovpn However if you manually update...
  9. Josephur

    Anyone Know how to get rid of this

    They changed it because normal users would have a hard time finding the file they just downloaded.
  10. Josephur

    Windows 10 Troubleshooting program crashes

    Found this thread useful recently, just wanted to add that Update 3 of the tool is now available: Debug Diagnostic Tool v2 Update 3
  11. Josephur

    I'm having some serious issues tracking down the source of a BSOD.

    Are you using Ready Boost? Initial analyze of the dump file seems to indicate rdyboost.sys crashing. Ready Boost in Windows 7 used an USB flash drive or fast storage device to boost your systems performance, however if the device it's enabled on is not solid it could cause major issues such as...
  12. Josephur

    WinPE - the Deployment and Imaging tools Enviroment issue

    Also a good way to delete a file that's running and just won't let you terminate it is to fire up Process Explorer by Sysinternals and pause the process. Then while it's paused, set the Everyone Deny permission on the file. Reboot computer and it should not be allowed to run, and you can then...
  13. Josephur

    Backup Nightmare

    I would run a SMART check on it via CrystalDiskInfo, see if it predicts failure. That being said.. Seagate drives are the ones we see fail the most, and I avoid them like the plague.
  14. Josephur

    Fastest Way to Take a Non Full Screen Capture

    ALT + Print Screen button also does the current Window only, instead of full screen like Print Screen does.
  15. Josephur

    MP4 audio plays on phone but not PC

    It looks like the Audio within the MP4 file is in MP4A format, and will require a codec such as those included with K-Lite to play back within Windows Media Player. I'm not certain but I wonder if the HEVC playback codec in the Windows Store would also allow Media Player to play them, maybe...
  16. Josephur

    MP4 audio plays on phone but not PC

    Perhaps what happened is your Phone received an update which changed the audio codec used in its MP4 files. Or perhaps your computer has an issue now with the installed codec's and its missing one that allowed it to play the files back. Some options to try: Install VLC Media Player and see...
  17. Josephur

    Windows 10 build 9860 broke a good tablet platform

    Can you share how you fixed the issue so it might help others?
  18. Josephur

    License key confusion

    Most OEM computers will detect the valid Windows 7/8 license embedded in the BIOS and use it and never ask for a key.
  19. Josephur

    License key confusion

    If it never asked for a key it may have detected a valid Windows 7 or 8 license and used the free upgrade path Microsoft has still not disabled. You may not even have needed to buy a key.