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    Windows 7 Saving a live streaming TV show

    I do not have any commercial TV services. I only have OTA reception. I send streaming TNT shows from “” to my computer and then to my TV with an HDMI cable. I have to watch the shows live. Is there a way to save the stream so I can view it later?
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    DVR & Computer both need Ethernet cables

    I have a D-Link router DIR-615/RE rated at 802l11b/g/n, a Motorola SB6121 Surfboard cable modem. Right now I have my Tivo DVR connected to my router using Ethernet cabling so the DVR and Tivo can talk to one another. I have my laptop computer connected to the Internet using WiFi through the...
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    Streaming Videos

    I know all these are important but which is the most important in streaming video? Modem, router, PC or TV?
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    Anyone have experiences you could share about ESPN3?
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    Critical Updates

    I have my automatic updates turned off but I still am getting critical updates. Why and how can I stop them?
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    Win 7 OS; Two Questions

    I have two questions: 1. I currently have a functioning laptop with Win 7 64Bit. I also have a complete set of recovery discs as well as a system repair disc. If I were to obtain another laptop could I use my discs and install my current Win 7 on the new laptop? If so, then I could install a...
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    RAM and Page File

    I have 8GB of RAM. I surf the Net, use email and play a couple of Windows games; Free Cell and Solitaire. I also have RamDisk set at 4096MB with temp and tmp files along with temporary internet files. The data below is first with nothing but SeaMonkey running. The second set of numbers is...
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    System Problem?

    Win 7 64 Bit OS. If I cloned a 64GB SSD to a new 128GB SSD and find the system could be bad can I use the system recover disk created with the 64GB SSD to try to correct a problem in the 128GB SSD? I ran sfc/scannow from cmd and one or more problems was corrected but I still cannot install...
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    Windows 7 Fire Wall

    How can I tell or know if my win 7 firewall is turned on or not?
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    Do you want this document to be your new home page?

    Time and again I have a box titled "Set Home Page" pop up when I want to return to my home page and in the box is this message, "Do you want this document to be your new home page?" Is there any way I can stop getting this box??? I am using SeaMonkey as my browser. Thanks. :(
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    Win 7, SSD and Partition

    Win 7 64gb SSD with 54.72 Primary Partition and 4.9 Recovery Partition. 28gb used. 26gb free. In order to take advantage of Garbage Collection and Trim do I need to create a separate partition for Garbage Collection or will the 26gb free space be used for trim and garbage...
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    Active Recovery Partition

    Toshiba Laptop with Win 7. 64gb SSD. 28gb used. 26gb free. I have a 4.9gb Active Recovery Partition. What is it? Do I need it if I back up to a HDD using EaseUS ToDo and a docking station?
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    Prefetch Folder

    In my Win 7 Windows folder I have a Prefetch folder and in it is a folder called: "ReadyBoot. What is it?"
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    Trim & Garbage Collection for 64gb M4 Crucial SSD

    I have trim enabled. Do I have to log off my computer periodically in order to make sure Garbage Collection does it's job?
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    C\Program Files (x86) CBE

    In my Win 7 I have a folder I would like to know about: c\Program Files (x86)\CBE
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    XP or Win 7??

    I have a Netbook with XP and it does what I want but I received a new Toshiba laptop for Xmas with Win 7. I’m considering downloading all the drivers I need for my Toshiba and then installing XP on it. Why should I keep Win 7 and not revert to XP on my new laptop???
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    "Prefetch" & Superfetch

    I believe Prefetch was created for Win XP and Superfetch was an improvement for Vista. In my Win 7 registry I have Prefetcher and Superfetch. Notice the different spellings for each? One is followed by “er” but not the other. Is Prefetcher the same or different than Prefetch...
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    Superfetch and SSDs

    Win 7 Superfetch works great with my HDD. So, why wouldn’t it also work great with my new SSD?
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    On my 80gb hdd (Toshiba) I have four pins just to the left of the usual seven and fifteen pin array. My original 500gb Toshiba hdd has the same pin array. What are the four pins for? :confused:
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    Optimize Win 7 For Crucial M4 SSD

    Turn AHCI on Trim on: cmd/fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify=0 System Restore to Off Drive Indexing-Explorer/right click SSD drive & select properties/Disable “Allow files on this drive, etc. Paging File=Right click computer/adv...