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    FYI Win7 & Mini-Tool Partition Wizard

    I think this experience may be useful to Win7/8 users who build and maintain home and small business systems. I regularly clone and swap drives keeping at least one spare at the ready per system at all times. I was shocked to discover that under certain conditions Win7 installation creates a...
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    Westclox Automation or What Task Scheduler?

    After only 35 yrs in the general purpose OS business, MS cannot devise a reliable "wake from sleep" scheduler. The task scheduler can shut down, or sleep, but not awake with any hope of reliability. The BIOS can set a base "power management" start-up, but it is insensitive to refinements in...
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    Which Win7-Pro VM comes closest to Steady State?

    I've been reading some informative threads on Virtual PC etc, but still have not come to the conclusion as to which VM is best for my purposes. I have zero experience running a VM. My AMD64 bit APU is qualified. I installed Virtual PC and it appears that I must re-install from system DVD. Can...
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    Auto Login w/ Two Accounts

    I want my Win7-Pro box to auto start (BIOS Power mgmt Time Set) and launch automated scheduled application. I had to disable UAC so it can start and run like my old XP. This works with one account and no password. I wanted full admin permissions so I created 2nd acct, super-admin with...
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    What Do You Think of the Win7 "Libraries" Concept?

    I find it an extreme annoyance. I would like to find a file manager that "virtually" strips out the entire roster of about 30+ redundant and unnecessary folders, and simply leaves a minimalist file tree. I can create three or four sub-directories for my particular tasks without the insane...