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    F11 and F12 buttons no longer adjust display brightness !!??

    Windows 10 Home, Lenovo Ideapad 510S. The buttons simply no longer adjust brightness - brightness is at max all the time. I love computers. :) Can anyone help please? Mike
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    Rohos Mini Drive / Rohos Disk Portable - use what for what?

    1. We are told that Rohos Mini Drive creates a "strongbox" on a USB drive (or external hard drive??), so why do we need Rohos Disk Portable? 2. Can I have a "container" on my PC's hard drive too? It's a pain having to plug in a USB drive just to look up a password, I tend to use the USB...
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    Is there Windows-own software to password files, folders, etc?

    I am using Rohos Mini Portable software to password a folder on flash drives and external hard drives, but I am wondering whether there is Windows-own software for the same purpose. Mike
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    Is there a really simple table-creation app, so I don't have to struggle with Word or Excel?

    And I do mean really simple, e.g. I use MS Notepad for simple text documents. I don't have Microsoft Word or Excel. I am on Windows 10. Mike
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    Firewall - Windows v BitDefender?

    I am about to replace AVG Internet Security 2014 (paid) with BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2015 (paid), based on the good reviews of the latter. But one of the reviews (I forget which) said that although BitDefender was better than AVG and Windows Security Essentials in general, the Windows...
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    UPDATE re "Question on Windows 7 Backup Options, please"

    Change of plan - while playing with various Backup options, I learnt how to select a whole lot of folders and to Copy/Paste them onto my external hard drive. As all my save-worthy Folders are only about 60GB, it's easy to backup the whole lot without bothering about Incremental or Differential...
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    Question on Windows 7 Backup Options, please

    Hi, I'm new here. My Backup efforts have been spasmodic and I want to improve, as follows: 1. Occasionally, do a full "Mirror Image Backup" of my whole system on external hard drive. This seems to be a standard, simple thing via Windows Help. 2. Do a separate "selected" backup on external...