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    Ability to change colors

    Where did the desktop colors applet disappear to? It's under personalize under Windows 7 but it's not there under Windows 8. Someone at Microsoft likes WHITE just a tad too much for my liking. Thanks. Z.
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    Why so many task bars?

    Windows 8, Build 8400 Is there a way to disable the taskbar from showing on all my extra monitors? I only need it on my main screen, I do not need/want it on my other 3 screens as it takes away from the total resolution of the screen. Hiding the task bar is not an option. Thanks. Z.
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    Shortcuts on the desktop are removed automatically

    This is getting to be a real PITA. I have a bunch of shortcuts on my desktop for applications that I use on a daily basis. (No I don't like pinning. Much prefer my Quick Launch.) I also have a bunch of shortcuts for some of the games that come with Win7 on the desktop. (Solitaire, Chess...
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    Where is the forum help thread?

    I want to turn off all the notifications for my subscribed threads. I don't need to clog up my email or your email system with them. There used to be a NONE option when I subscribibed to a thread but it's no longer there. I tried the "Through my control panel only" option but I still get...
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    Desktop Personalization Issue

    Is there a way to disable that stupid snap to borders or grid or whatever on my desktop? I don't like that it won't let me place a window outside the top of the screen or behind/below the taskbar. Thanks. Stan.
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    Problem with Quicktime PlugInfor IE and Firefox

    Homemade videos do not play video, but they do play audio with watching streaming quicktime videos. If I d/l the videos and play directly in my QT player, they play fine. Videos on Apple/Quicktimes website ( Apple - Movie Trailers and Apple - Get a Mac - Watch the TV Ads ) play fine and the...
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    Wish List - Stuff I'd like to see incorporated into Windows

    Ok I know it's too late but is there a thread for a wish list? I wish Microsoft would change windows in a way that my active window remains my active window no matter what's happening in other applications. Much like UNIX does. I hate it when I'm typing away in word, a pop up appears for...