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    display won't come on

    OK, this is just bizarre. My elderly (and quite remote) mother runs Win7 on her Pavillion desktop. Works fine. But in the last few weeks she's run into a problem where her HP2009a monitor just won't come on. It's powered up, but the screen is black. She hits keys on the keyboard, and it won't...
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    disk clone and boot selection

    Pardon my cluelessness, but I'm trying to fix up a backup disk for my mother's Win7 machine. I will be installing a second drive that I intend to clone onto from the original. I assume such a clone will be bootable. But how do I tell the system which disk to boot on? As in, at startup, I ought...
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    Windows 7 how did they do that??

    OK, I'm helping a distant family member with a Windows 7 security issue. (Using Teamviewer, which is GREAT.) I'm a Mac guy, so I'm really clueless about PC malware, though I'm reasonably impressed with Win 7 and can get around in it. Their system has been working fine, but (and this is...