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    Windows 7 Access denied when trying to activate Windows 7 with a key

    I currently have Windows 7 Professional 32-bit currently installed on a computer. I'd like to upgrade it to Windows 10, however I have that option blocked because my copy is unactivated and not genuine. I tried to use slui to input my key but I keep getting error 0x80070005 with slui, windows...
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    Windows 10 Install of license de windows 10 Home in two units HDD

    Hello how are you? I have the following problem, change the HDD drive to a solid state and now I do not activate the windows license of my UEFI, I get the following error (0x0C004C008) that by the Microsoft page details that the product is being used in another Computer, ie on my old HDD drive...
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    Windows 10 Activation Problems with New (to me) PC>

    To make a long story short, my friend gave me his old gaming computer and told me that it needed a hard drive so my friend and I moved over the one from the PC I was using which was running on Windows 10. When I got my PC, it was running on 8.1, it was activated and I was able to upgrade with...
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    Windows 10 Windows 10 Asking me to "Activate"

    Recently, I upgraded my computer from Windows 7 Pro, to Windows 10. I wasn't exactly sure how to do it so I used a Windows 10 Media Creation Tool in a USB that I got from another computer. Now there is an annoying watermark in the bottom right corner of my screen that says "Activate Windows...