audio problem

  1. ErMurazor

    Distorted audio in Gamebar recordings

    Hi all, I'm looking for a help to solve a big problem with Xbox Game-bar. I used the integrated Windows gamebar recorder to record my gameplays since all the time. And still, I like to it rather than using third party software. But there's a very disturbing problem with it; Whenever I record any...
  2. Ferarri77

    Windows 10 Audio problems

    Since 25/1/2022 my audio wont work. Everything cant make sound except one app which is Zoom Meeting. I researched problems about how to fix my audio but i found no hope, so ill give it a shot to the community. So i was playing video games last night and when i woke up to turn on my pc i went to...
  3. fahadkhan2000

    Front Panel Not detecting Earphone's Mic

    Hi, I am using a headphone which works perfectly with my phone as well as my laptop. But when I am connecting it to my windows PC, it just doesn't detect it's the mic, whereas, the earpiece works perfectly. I tried a few other headphones, all seem to have the same problem when connecting to...
  4. thechosenone2

    Windows 10 Major Audio Issues

    So my most recent issue crippled my audio. Up until yesterday sound was perfect. Then all of a sudden it broke. The audio I hear now is on 1% loudness when it used to be 100%. So the sound is basically impossible to hear. I have reinstalled my sound driver and updated all the programs that I...
  5. MatthiasH

    Windows 10 Windows 10 cuts all wireless connections radomly

    Hi, for a while now, sometimes (once an hour or so) Windows disconnects all wireless connections (including all Bluetooth connections, wireless headset, wireless controller, etc). After that, every thing connects again, but for 10-20 seconds, no wireless device is connected. That started when I...
  6. ProjektorMusic

    Windows 7 Problem with certain applications not outputting audio to any audio device yet I'm still hearing it.

    Hey, So this might sound really weird but I'm having this problem that I'm having but I recently installed an USB audio interface on my pc. All programs run well with this new audio interface except for one: Ableton Live 10. I am getting an output from the program(I.E. I'm hearing stuff through...
  7. Jake7777

    Windows 10 Windows not receiving audio input from mic

    Hello, this is a common problem from what I've read so far. Summed up, Windows 10 detects my new headset's mic but is not receiving any audio input from it. When I speak or tap on the mic, no green bars appear in the sound menu as well as discord/windows voice recorder not detecting any input...
  8. Torwuuw


    I just purchased a new I buy power pc with windows 10 already installed. I downloaded discord and went to talk through the headset I just bought which is an A10 ASTRO legend of Zelda breath of the wild edition headset. The mic wasn’t working but I could hear my friend just fine. I went through...
  9. P

    Windows 10 Windows 10 Audio Problem

    I recently purchased windows 10, and I immediately discovered a problem. When ever I watch a video from youtube, or any other video website, if I pause the video, the audio increases. I checked if the audio goes up in the audio menu, but it says no change has been made. When ever I change the...