1. ussnorway

    French folder for Bg3 1

    the French folder needed for Bg3 in French instead of English how to; unzip to game local folder so for example Baldurs Gate 3\Data\Localization\French
  2. ussnorway

    Windows 10 how to get your Twitch drops in BG3 on Gog

    I keep getting asked this question by frustrated Gamers so I'm laying out the steps 1. you have to watch two hours of streamers with a "twitch drop" addon showing ... it doesn't matter if you own a copy of the game yet and it doesn't have to be two hours in one go but you MUST be signed in as...
  3. ussnorway

    how to get BG3 Patch 9 to work after updating

    goto core/ at main · dotnet/core download the correct 6.12 net not the link pointed to by Larian for most Windows users thats the X64, run it and then the launcher will work
  4. gather your party

    gather your party